90 Days of Spring: 77 – Day 76

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第 77 第七十六日 Chapter 77 The Seventy Sixth Day

After having finished the medicine last night, Miao’s face was more like cooked shrimp than that of Yang Fu. Yang Po was not forced to know that she was thin skinned and did not do anything else in the evening.

On the second day, I woke up and felt much better. The pain was gone. The medicine worked very well. Miao Yang woke up before Yang Fu woke up, and replaced the girl with his servant’s clothes on the head of the bed.

Yesterday, she mentioned that she was going to visit Wei Ling and was always transferred by Yang Fu without any trace. So she guessed that he did not like her to see Wei Ling. Then she could only sneak away, and after she could turn into a man, she had not seen Wei Ling. He should thank him.

Because the sky was not yet bright, the servant girl was preparing to wait for the four king to get up. He was holding a scarf on his arm, and saw that the Miao Miao came out quite puzzled. ”

Miao Miao made a silent gesture. “I’m going out for a while. If Wang asked, he said I… I’ll turn around in the house and come back soon. ”

The two servant girls were very good at speaking, knowing that she is now the heart of four kings. “Can the girl go to breakfast with her breakfast?” ”

The head of the water shook his head like a wave drum, “no need.” ”

As the sun rose higher and higher, if she did not go earlier, Yang Fu would wake up, and then she would take the threshold and go to the screen wall.

Four although the palace was large, she lived there for quite a long time. The guests generally settled in the three entered courtyard in the northeast corner, called Ruifeng courtyard. Miao Miao went to the door with ease, and pushed the half painted red wood door through the Tsui bamboo path, and quickly came to the main hall.

The rhombus door was tightly shut. She raised her hand and tapped, but there was no response. Combing two Ya bun, wearing plain colored embroidered long gown, dress up with ordinary servant girl, see her quite surprised.

“You are?” ”

Miao went over to her room to see it. Unfortunately, it was blocked by a curtain of beads. She could not see clearly the interior room. “I am Miao Miao, is Wei Ling in it? ”

The servant nodded her head, and passed her by the side of the copper bowl. She waited for her to wash. ”

She said she was called Miao Miao, but only a few days before the funeral of a Miao girl, where did she come from? And it is quite different from the Miao’s appearance. Does the four king only love the girl named Miao Miao?

Miao Miao did not know what she wanted to know. Wei Lin was delighted when he was here, and walked up to the inner room.

The Luo Luo bead curtain is crisp, and there is a long figure standing on the side of the window. He seems to have heard the dialogue outside, and he is looking at it with his head bent.

“Wei Ling! ”

The 32 step came to him, and he was full of gratitude. “Do you live here?” Yang Fu said you helped me. How did you do it? ”

Wei Ling looked at her and turned to the topic quietly. “When did you wake up? ”

The Miao Road: “yesterday. ”

She would not tell a lie. When she finished this sentence, she saw that Wei Ling’s face changed, and she noticed that he was not in a good mood. He raised his eyebrows and circled around him for a few turns, and finally stopped at him. The Miao tiptoed his head and looked closely. “Are you sick?” ”

It doesn’t look so good. It’s not only that the mood is lower than before, but it seems that the body is emptied. She had to face up. “Do you live here?” Is it bad for the king to treat you not well… “She stopped and thought of another reason.” or to make me a person, you… ”

Last time, he went to the East China Sea to get medicine. He came back seriously injured and brought up many talents.

Is this the same time?

Wei Ling pressed her shoulder. “No more, don’t think about it. This time I went to the East China Sea to meet the shark. He had been researching into human beings all these years. He gave me the same medicine, the one that I ate for you. ”

“Why do you look so bad?” ”

Wei Ling migrate, “most of the two days did not rest well. ”

Since she said he woke up yesterday, then he came to see him today. What was she doing yesterday? There is no need to think about it. The result is self-evident. Yang can never let her go.

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