90 Days of Spring: 79 – Day 78

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第 79 第七十八日 Chapter 79 The Seventy Eighth Day

The blood should have been left behind by her. That is to say, the little girl was not born with a serious illness, but came to the water.

The first movement of the meridian, the sky deci water to. This kind of thing is useless for a long time. There is an old woman in the house. Yang Po asked him to teach Miao Miao. He waited outside the house and changed into a blue gown.

Thinking of the gaffe, Yang Fu turned his eyes open, and his thin lips cut into a thread.

In the painted screen, the woman is explaining to Miao Miao what water is in the water, and how to deal with it in the future. This is a very normal experience for women, not a serious illness.

“When the water comes, don’t eat cold food, no more cold, and the girls themselves have more snacks. “The woman explained everything to her, and changed her clothes again.

Miao Miao listens to the white matter, lying on the couch, nodding lightly, and passing an unnoticeable color on his cheeks. She put her hands on her stomach and asked before her wife left: “does everyone hurt? ”

The woman stopped, “no, the first half of the woman did not hurt. Did the woman touch cold water or freeze before a few days ago? ”

The Miao thought, “I was before…” Always touch the cool water. ”

“That’s it. “The mother in law sighed very much, took over the soup maid in the maid’s hand and lifted the red tape on her stomach.” the girl will not touch the cold water after the day, especially the first few days of the Deco water. It is easy for the woman to touch the cold and cause cold in the palace. It will be difficult to recuperate later. Please cover up this thing first, I’ll prepare a bowl of four red blood enriching porridge, and you’ll drink while it’s hot. If you do not understand or feel ill again, even if you summon the servant girl. ”

Tang Fu Zi was put on his stomach, and the heat was constantly introduced into the skin, relieving a lot of pain. Nod, “good.” ”

Because of the lack of blood and blood, her face was more white than usual, like a glittering and glittering porcelain doll, her cheeks falling down, and a shy smile on her lips. The old woman could not help but look at her eyes more often than before. Most of them had never seen such exquisite jade people, even their words were softened.

Soon after she left, there was a movement behind the screen. She looked up and saw Yang Fuzheng coming up here.

When she thought of what she had said to her, Miao couldn’t help chewing her cheeks. The big eyes were moving away, staring at the soup lady in the hand.

The side of the bed collapsed, and the sweet smell of the porridge was spread to the nose. Yang Fu whispered, “come and drink the porridge while it is hot.” ”

She did not move at all, as if he was fascinated. He called out: “Miao Miao? ”

“You deceive me.” ”

This unprovoked accusation made Yang plusk startled. “Why? ”

She picked up a little bit of the pattern, and did not look at him. The soft voice was like a layer of nectar, sweet and glutinous and attractive: “the only one said… Women only come to the Deco water to conceive… A child is born. ”

Women and men will have chances to conceive if they have sex. It has nothing to do with time…

It’s not the kind of thing he said… What time… It’s all deceptive. He deliberately bullied her and didn’t understand anything.

He was stunned, and immediately smiled at his lips. “You are right. ”

“Then you are still nonsense!” Miao raised his eyes in a drum like manner, humming his eyes and humming his head.

It’s hard to imagine that if she really believed him, he wouldn’t die every night. If she hadn’t told her this, she would have been kept in the dark.

Previously attached to the little servant girl, the body has no signs of life, and will not come to the water. And she is a shark, not even like a human woman. And now it becomes a human being, startled by his sudden bloodshed, and what a serious internal injury he has suffered. Fortunately, someone explained to her that she knew something slowly.

The little girl looked awkward. Her anger was mixed with shyness, her long eyelashes trembled, and her movements were charming.

Yang Fu could not help but bow her head and hold her lips lightly. “Because I want you.” “A low voice, like a warm wine.

Miao Miao opened his mouth, and he was taken advantage of it. ”

Her taste was sweet and sweet. Once she had tasted it, she could hardly keep herself. If she kissed again, she would have to make a big difference. Yang Fu suppressed her leaving her and bit her lower lip. With her hands on her hands and down his body, “what do you think?” ”

There was a hot, hard, swish of hand, and he did not expect that he would have a move, and a stammer opened his mouth. For half a day, he scolded a sentence, “you, your hooligan!” ”

Yang Fu’s face doesn’t change, “huh?” ”

She took the soup lady and pushed him. “You go away. ”

Unfortunately, no one pushed him away, but he was taken to his arms by himself. Yang Fu picked up the four red blood enriching porridge on the side of the pear tree table, scooped it to her mouth, and drank the gruel, otherwise it would still hurt. ”

Miao Miao wanted to be unruly, but she had a pain in the stomach. She reached out and answered, “I’ll do it myself.” ”

He had not been caught, and he had avoided it. Several times had come down, so she had to give up and let Yang Fuwei eat by herself. The gruel was soft and glutinous, and the brown sugar was sweet. She didn’t finish it in a moment, and nestled in his arms.

Yang Fu wiped her mouth. “Is it still painful?” ”

Miao Miao hum, changed a comfortable posture, “a little bit.” ”

The soup lady was covered up, and she had just had a bowl of blood enriching porridge. He rubbed his chest and shrank his head, “you cover it for me.” ”

Before he came, she used her palm to ferry her hot, and the heat kept coming from his palm, which was very stable. She kept thinking about it. Yang Fu spoke in accordance with his words, left hand came to her body and put it on her little belly. “Here? ”

Miao nodded and sleepily, “well… ”

Xu was taken care of too comfortably. She did not sleep for a while, and slept until noon. When she woke up again, Yang Fu still sat on the side of the bed with an action. Her hands were still on her stomach, and she opened her eyes and smiled. “Is it still painful?” ”

Miao Miao was moved. He had no pain since he first came, but he felt uncomfortable, but he could bear it. She got up and climbed on to him, breathing hot and warm on his shoulders. “Thank you, Mr. Wang. ”

Yang Fu looked down, “how do you want to thank me?” ”

This is a polite saying. I didn’t expect him to say anything. ”

He waited for her to say that she did not give her the chance to go back on her words. ”

Miao Miao just realized that he had lost the trap, but it was a pity that words went out like water.


In the afternoon, he went directly to Ruifeng hospital to diagnose the pulse of Wei Ling, and the body was not easy to gain.

She looked left and right in the dissolving house, and the servant girl who was waiting for the communication came to the front of the house. ”

This servant girl has always been on duty before Yang Fu. Today’s exception is being asked by Miao Miao to inquire about the situation of Ruifeng hospital. The servant girl came to the inner room and weighed the words: “listen to the Lang,” Wei Lang Jun is recently tired and not having a good rest. There is no harm in taking good care of it, and the girl needn’t worry. ”

The Miao is not at ease, “what does the rest say?” ”

The servant girl shook his head, “No.” “The only one in Rui Feng’s hospital told her that.

Miao Miao thought for a moment, think of this period has saved a lot of pearl beans, now just come in handy. She took out a bag of powder Linden embroidered a hundred birds under the pillow, picked up the biggest pearl and handed it to her hand. “You go to the street to change this to money, and then buy the best supplement to Wei Ling.” ”

The servant girl looked very sad. Was this more than half the bag of pearls? The king is really willing to… She took over with great care, “the maidservant is going.” ”

Seeing her far away, Miao Miao re tied up the money pocket, and naturally did not know how practical it was for her tears to become pearls.

Yang Fu went out with lunch. He said he could return to the house before he came to the sun. Miao wanted to get out of bed at first, but her feet were stained. The pain in her abdomen suddenly intensified. She was afraid to move and even sweat on her feet.

If it hadn’t been for the servant girl to come in and change the soup lady, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even be able to get on the bed. After that, she no longer dared to get out of bed, and remained in the quilt. Because she was really bored, she closed her eyes in a daze and soon fell asleep.

The windows were rosy, and when they woke up, they were already very well. When she rose, she heard voices from outside: “Wang Ye. ”

Yang Fu is back.

Sure enough, he came out from behind the screen. “How did you get out of bed? ”

Miao lived in front of his couch, and was bored for a whole day and wanted to go out for a walk. ”

Yang Fu Ben wanted to change his hand, and immediately looked at her. “Let’s go, Ben Wang will accompany you.” ”

Miao Miao was overjoyed, for fear that he would keep up with regrets.

Four Wang Fu occupies a huge area, and Miao has not turned around yet. I heard that there is a huge rockery forest in the backyard, with pavilions and pavilions. She said she wanted to go and see, Yang Fu refused because of her body. She also said she wanted to go to Ruifeng hospital. He whispered, “wait until the water is over.” ”

Men should avoid this matter, but when he mentioned it, it was plain and unpleasant.

No place to go. Finally, Yang took her to the five Tung Pavilion, and there were two peach trees planted for her at that time. The flat peach trees are much taller and more luxuriant than before a month ago. They are surrounded by many circles, and their mouths are not satisfied. ”

If she wants to eat peaches, I’m afraid I have no chance this year.

Yang Fu saw through her thoughts and rubbed her head. “So will the next year.” ”

She nodded reluctantly, but she was still very happy. After a while, she was willing to leave.


When the menarche comes, it will ache for the first two days, but it will not hurt afterwards. Miao Miao returned to life. When Yang Fu went to the early morning, he couldn’t wait to change his clothes and wash. He came to Ruifeng hospital step by step.

She had bought many valuable supplements, ginseng and antler, and so on, and had no chance to ask him how it worked. Yesterday with Yang Fu soft and hard, even at the expense of a condition, finally let him relax, agreed that she came here.

On that day, she said thank him, and never expected it to be this.

Thinking of this cheek burning red, hands do not know where to put, still seems to remain the remaining heat. She got rid of the mess and pushed the diamond door, “Wei Ling!” ”

No one in the room answered, so did she last time, because she didn’t put her heart in it and pushed it directly into the door.

It’s a pity that this time no one really went to bed, and they didn’t see Wei Ling. He turned around in the room and called out several names, but he still couldn’t see his shadow.

Miao Miao suddenly panic, should he leave without saying goodbye?

The bedclothes were neatly stacked. She went up to touch the pillow, and there was still a hint of temperature, and there was still his clothes in front of the bed. When she was about to get up, Yu saw a red line underneath her pillow, and she held her eyes curiously.

In the years with Wei Ling, there was no secret between them, so she pulled the rope out of her without thinking, and the other with an ochre red embroidered pouch of Pisces.

Can Wei Ling actually have a sachet?

The Miao is so rare that it smells almost fragrant. Should we not forget to set spices? She did not want to open up and look at it. When she saw what was inside, she suddenly took the fish out of it.

This is her fish scale, but what does Wei Ling do with it?

Miao Miao puzzled unceasingly, as if something broke through the earth, she had no reason to panic and forgot to put it back. As soon as the door was pushed open, there was a slight squeak. She was surprised, and looked at the man in a helpless way.

The man was not Wei Ling, but the servant girl who had been looking after him for a few days.

The servant girl, in the blue long shirt of the lake, seemed not to be surprised to see her here. His eyes turned to her hand, and he called a low head, “see the girl.” ”

Miao sipped his lower lip and placed the sachet under his pillow. “I don’t see anything.

When the words were not finished, they were interrupted by the other party. “Perhaps the girl did not know that Wei Lang Jun looked out of the sachet every day for a long time. ”

The Miao paused and looked back at it inexplicably.

The servant girl’s head was lower, and his hand was hidden under the wide sleeves. He was very firm in his whole body. “If you don’t believe it, you can see it.” ”

I do not know why, the Miao have listened to her words, low head in the scent of the scent fell in the palm of the hand, more than a dozen slices of fish scales in the hands, a few pieces have no color, like being whirling over and over many times, hard to wear the surface of the gloss.

Miao Miao was stunned. The thoughts that she had been escaping surged, and the whole people began to sober up.

“Don’t say…” ”

The servant girl looked at her and said: “Wei Lang Jun has you in mind. ”

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