90 Days of Spring: 80 – Day 79

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第80 第七十九日 Chapter 80 The Seventy Ninth Day

Living together for so long, Miao Miao never thought about it. Because of the hot and cold nature of her, she was very upset and sometimes disliked her, and sometimes she thought about it. She thought that it was Wei Ling’s character that did not set her mind on her mind, but suddenly she was waken up by a servant girl.

From childhood to David to do a lot of things for her, two people together, this feeling has been better than a friend more than a friend, is a precious person in her long life.

Now someone else told her that Wei Ling had her in mind.

Miao Li grasped several scales of fish and was stabbed with pain. The palm of his hand was unmoved. He could not believe the gaze of the servant girl in front of him. “How do you know… Is this mine? ”

No one knows her identity now. No one will know that she is the little servant girl. Why is she so sure?

The servant girl still lowered her head and plated a thin layer of sunlight out of the window. “If the servant girl did not guess wrong, the girl and” Wei Lang Jun “should be the shark. ”

She spoke very quietly, as if not surprised at all, but only a slight pause in the word order betrayed her, and her shoulders trembling and betrayed her feelings.

Amazed, the eyes immediately became alert. “How did you learn? ”

The servant girl raised his eyelids a little, and his eyes swept over a complex look. He passed her over to the bed. “These days were the servants of the maidservant, who was waiting for him. He had a relapse of his old disease a few days ago. Since the girl is old acquaintance with him, he must know his identity. Wei Langjun looked at the look of the sachet. It was the same as looking at your eyes. Today, you are not surprised to see anything in the sachet. ”

Mian Miao’s heart was so strong that she could not help but admire the observation and inference ability of the servant girl. She nodded. “This is mine. ”

At the end of the day, the girl saw the servant girl with a smile, a very shallow brush, a fresh spring in the garden. “The maidservant took care of Wei Jun, and naturally knew how many times he had to pick up the sachet every day, if not deep in love, why here?” ”

She watched Wei Ling hurt her body, and when he was away, he remembered the fish scales. The two authorities, one of them, did not know what to say.

She knew that King Yee attached great importance to the Miao girls. However, these days, her heart became more and more inclined to Wei Ling. Love is not to say, but not to ask. It is a deep feeling that can hide so deeply. She laughs with herself, and is not so.

Miao looked at her closely, as if to see from her face, “why do you tell me this? ”

She had seen two times and was not very impressed with her. She only felt silent and did not love to speak. He did not think of her opening today.

The servant girl thought, “the servant girl just felt that he needed a fair opportunity for Wei Lang. ”

The Miao lips, “what do you mean?” ”

She said softly, “you used to be only a relative of Wei Lang Jun, and did not know his feelings for you. Now that you know it, you will see him again. If you know, still like Wang Ye, even if Wei Lang Jun lost, there will be no regrets. If you have never known it, it is unfair to Wei Lang Jun. ”

Wei Ling did many things for her, just because she was in her heart. If she had never known this feeling, it would be unfair to Wei Ling.

She is also called Miao Miao, who used to be a little girl who was very fond of being called Miao Miao. The servant girl vaguely guessed some. Unfortunately, Wei Ling didn’t say much to her. She couldn’t even ask questions, but only stopped speculation.

Since they are both sharks, wouldn’t it be better to be together? Is it not appropriate to be with Wang Ye? What are the children born in the future?

Miao Miao did not think so much. Her mind was occupied by the earth shaking news. She didn’t even know where to put her hands and feet, and listened to her with a stare. “Who else have you told you about this?” ”

The servant girl lowered her head and shook it gently. “Only a servant girl knows and never tells anyone. ”

“Well, then, with a sigh of relief, she almost evade her side.” don’t tell anyone, no one can do it. ”

Speaking out of the door, I just wanted to escape and digest the news.

Her footsteps stopped suddenly. She did not expect to meet one person face to face, but she did not want to step back. ”


Wei Ling is coming back from the hospital. He is still a dark blue robe. It is also a contrast between him and his body. He stood outside a few steps, frowning at the movements of the Miao, “Why are you here?” ”

On the two day, she did not come to Ruifeng hospital, but let the servant girl buy many tonic herbs. He actually didn’t need those, but finally accepted it. This thought that she and Yang Fu suffered all the hardships, would not have the heart to attend to him, did not think this little girl actually has the conscience.

He would listen to the servant girl’s words, Miao Miao did not finish his thoughts, and did not know how to face him. Let me see you. ”

Wei Ling laughed, and his brow was cold. “I don’t need you to see that you take good care of yourself. ”

He was so silent that he was silent for some time. When she was faced with Wei Ling, this was not the case. When she could not finish speaking, he felt very close when he saw him, as if there was no estrangement between them. But now what’s wrong? She doesn’t know how to face him.

The fingers of the Miao Miao were tightly twisted and entangled. “If you’re all right… So… Then I went first. ”

Wei Ling has her heart, and collectors her fish scales secretly. Is she really fond of her? Can she ask the exit? If asked, can they get along like this now?

After speaking, motionless, Wei Ling saw her behaved oddly, and passed her a chestnut on her way. “Go back.” ”

He watched him step into the room, staring at him in a panic, catching his sleeves, and hurriedly, “wait, wait, I have something to ask you!” ”

Wei Ling really stopped and looked doubting. “What is it?” ”

Just then the impulse continued, and the Miao swallow swallowed his saliva, and again became cowardly and cowardly. “I… I think… ”

Unfortunately, I was unable to utter a complete sentence, but at the end of it, I could hardly speak out.

Wei Ling is helpless to laugh, “what do you want to ask?” ”

The struggle half sound, the heart flashes countless years, the Miao one root finger loosens his sleeve, the small head lowly droop, the sound seems to come from the distant horizon, blurred but not true, “Wei Ling, do you like me?” ”

After speaking, she never looked up at his expression.

Wei Ling Zheng was in the original place. The little girl in front seemed to have the greatest courage in this life, and it had the power to break the pot.

He looked at her silently, and for a long time he said, “well, I like it.” ”

He liked her when she was still a silly shark. From the initial dislike to the rarity, he himself did not know how the middle had changed. Like a blink of an eye for many years, the heart was left only her, can not see her cry, can not see her sad, can not see her hurt, so can work for her to work for her.

However, how he likes it is only a hot shoulder. At first, he had thought about how to talk to her, and had not yet thought of a result. She liked Kishikami Youngjun’s extraordinary four kings.

From then on, he buried the feelings in the bottom of her heart. What she wanted, he would help her.

This is the little girl whom he has been fond of for many years. He has never told anyone, and even himself is being cheated. Now she stood in front of him and asked him if he liked her.

How can I dislike it? He mocked himself and did not want to deny it at all.

It was not expected that he would admit so frankly that the Miao man was speechless in a moment, and made no attempt to say a word to his eyes and lips.

All the words were not as shocking as she was. If she was just thinking about it, she was confirmed at the moment. She wanted to escape. Wei Ling likes her, not the same as she likes.

Knowing to frighten her, Wei Ling turned his head and smiled. “You can’t hear it. I will not affect you and Yang Fu, nor will I ask you for anything. ”

When did she think about it!

Miao had some grievances, and she never doubted him. What he is, she knows perfectly well, but if he does, she will not do her best to help her.

She was just too surprised that the previous images spread out in front of her, meaning totally different. If Wei Ling used to help her because she liked her, why did she help her close to Yang Fu later? And help her to become a man?

She couldn’t get through, and she was more embarrassed to ask.

Wei Ling looked at her. “Who told you?” ”

In accordance with her temperament, I am afraid that I can not find another half life in my life. I can not find my stupid brain.

Miao Miao unconscious looked inside the house, did not see the figure of the servant girl, although she did not speak, but Wei Ling has been clear.

The servant girl called the green bamboo, but she could see that something was wrong with her. Wei Ling black eyes fretting, the green bamboo only take care of him for a few days, what he kept in mind to see the knowledge, he did not care, then open one eye closed one eye, did not expect to have a self assertion to tell her these.

“Just those words,” he paused and lifted himself. “You don’t have to worry about it. ”

The speaker had entered the room, leaving a Miao man standing in a blank stare.

How could she not mind, her heart was mixed up, even how to leave do not know.


Miao did not return to the light house, but came to the Begonia court. Now the Begonia flower is lost in the first half, and the petals flakes into the soil, leaving only the faint fragrance of flowers.

The Miao, standing under a tree of the Begonia, touched the trunk of the tree, and unconsciously thought that he was in this courtyard with Wei Ling. He explained patiently to her how to plant and irrigate the flower of the Begonia. The scene is vivid, and his eyebrow is an unprecedented gentleness. How did she not find it? Wei Lin was very afraid of trouble.

Miao Miao took out blood stone and held it in his hands to see the truth. The red blood droplets slowly flowed along the lines. As long as she spoke, she could hear it.

But what is she going to say?

Later, she could never face Wei Ling as before. She was so ashamed and apologized that he could not even respond to this feeling.

Wei Ling is very good, but not the person she likes. They are all alike, and they will not change if they are determined.

Miao Miao stood from noon to noon, and the sun was more dazzling on her head, but she didn’t even move her feet. Until Yang Fu came back from the palace, she was still stunned under the tree.

The backyard of the front yard could not find it everywhere, so she had to find it. The girl did not know what was wrong. She liked to come to this place whenever she had worries, and reminded Yang Fu at the beginning of her mistakes. He told her to take care of the place, which gave her the chance to get along with Wei Ling.

Yang Fu had not yet changed his uniform, and the elegant robe was more elegant and elegant. He stood on the stone steps at the entrance of the Begonia Garden. A cool breeze rolled up, and white petals fell on his shoulders and sleeves.

Miao Miao heard his voice back, and he didn’t know how long he had been waiting for him. He was caught like a child in a wrong way. ”

Yang Futing was in front of him. “What’s standing here?” ”

Miao Miao was looked at with a guilty conscience and avoided his eyes. “I was thinking about things. ”

When she had a simple mind and thought about things, Yang Fu Mou, in her eyes, has a little bit of a smile, “why can’t you say it to me?” ”

When he ponder for a moment, he and Wei Ling are not in the right place. If let him know this, it will cause more trouble, and choose to hide it, “can’t tell you.” ”

Little did they know that the people in front of him had known it, and Wei Ling’s Thoughts on her had been exposed in front of him.

Yang Fu’s eyes turn deep. What can’t he tell him?

Listen to the following words, she went to Ruifeng hospital early today, that is to say, after she saw Wei Ling. The truth is how to find the servant girl in Ruifeng hospital.

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