90 Days of Spring: 81 – Day 80

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第 81 第八十日 Chapter 81 The Eightieth Day

Today, after the scattered Dynasty, the sage called him to the rear of his palace and threw a few volumes of pictures to his front. The first was a woman’s curvaceous scene.

The sage and the queen of the guard urged him to marry him at the end of this year. Without Jiang Alan, there will be other expensive women in Beijing. He can’t go over the details of others one by one. Yang Fu had a bit of a headache. The girl she liked had not yet taken it completely, but she had to deal with these trivia.

Leshan came back from Ruifeng hospital and lowered its voice. “Green bamboo says that she offended the Miao girl and was willing to be punished. ”

There were two servant girls in the Ruifeng hospital, and the other left home just a few days ago, leaving only one green bamboo. It was a little easier to listen to this reason, but the servant girl kept silent and could not ask anything else, so he had to give up.

Yang Fu is looking at the files of corruption in Suzhou, and Wen said, “how to offend?” ”

Leshan carefully recalled, “it seems to have said a few words that should not be said. At that time, no one else was there. ”

Yang Fulve once said, “give her to the management, and send two girl servants to Ruifeng hospital. ”

Leshan should be called back when it is going to retire. “What else does Wang have to order?” ”

Yang Fu raised his sheep’s pen and dipped it in ink to write and write. “I heard that Huai went to Longzhou to build a flower bed. ”

“There is this. “Leshan road.”

The four kings had much to do with Huo Lang Jun, but they were all in the hiding place. The two people were very intimate in their private affairs. Huo Chuan once met Yang Fu before he left. It is precisely because of this that Leshan will pay close attention to the matter of Longzhou, and think of the beautiful but luster eyes.

There were few words on one letter. There was no lack of the name of the officials from all the roads in Suzhou. Yang overlay and put it into the envelope and handed it to Leshan. “It was sealed with a paint and sent to the hands of Huaihe. No mistake.” ”

Leshan nod, “under the command.” ”

He turned around and left, Yang Fu rubbed his eyebrows, and his face became more tired after the candlestick on the case. He again called the servant girl, “is it sleeping?” ”

Since she came back in the afternoon, she was not quite right. The whole person was absent-minded to say nothing to her. Yang Fu lets her stay in the room to rest. He goes to the study office and unknowingly arrives at night. I wonder if she is still asleep at the moment.

The servant girl should say, “the king, the Miao girl has just waken up and has not slept after supper. ”

Yang Fu got up and walked out of the study. “What is she doing?” ”

The maid told the truth, “daze.” ”

Indeed, as she would do, Yang Fu smiled softly and came to the door of the main chamber of the light house. A faint oil lamp was burning in the room, and the little girl under the lamp was staring at the candle without blinking. Black and black eyes sparkled, but she could not surprise her eyes.

When Yang Fuhang came up, he stretched out five fingers and shook it in front of her eyes. Then she came back to God. “How come you’re back, Wang Ye?” ”

“After the business was done, it came back naturally. “He sat down, with a smile on his head.

He poured a cup of tea to him and said, “you drink tea.” Then he sat back to his place and started to stay, staring at the front with his glazed eyes as if he did not know what to think. If usual, she would be eager to cuddle up, laughing and chattering, not the moment of silence.

If anything else happens, she should be anxious and anxious instead of being distracted. Yang Fu looked at her eyes. Since she went to Ruifeng hospital today, she must have seen Wei Ling. Is it related to him?

When he was upset, he drank a cup of tea calmly. “But what happened to Wei Lang Jun? ”

Hearing the name of Wei Ling, Miao Miao was surprised and almost jumped from the embroidered pier. She shook her head in confusion. “No, Wei Ling is all right.” ”

However, the reaction betrayed her in the end, how not to look like nothing. Yang Fu Wu’s pupil is sinking. He can guess a few words. “Miao Miao, don’t think of him before this king. ”

Their former entanglements can not help him, the more like a needle, more like a needle, deep in the tip of the heart, the pain is not obvious, the poison is spread to every corner. He is still not sure who weighs more in her mind.

Miao mouths are flat, “obviously you asked me… ”

Under the lighting, her funny face faded away, and added a little softness. Yang Fu was so soft that she wanted to rub her into his arms and take him everywhere. He was alone. And he did so, reaching out to her and trapped between her legs. “Today, the sage has given me several pictures. Do you know what it means? ”

Miao is not very tall. He is usually used to look down on him, but at the moment he is a head above him and can hold his neck. She was successfully diverted, thinking hard, “let you paint?” ”

Yang Fu pressed her head and whispered her forehead: “no, let me pick the next four princesses.” ”

When the Miao is not moving, the mood drops suddenly. “You must not marry others. ”

She slowly loosened Yang Fu and tried to escape from his arms. Knowing these things can not be avoided. Even if she becomes a human, Yang Fu can not marry her. But she still did not want to give him up. She remembered what Wei Ling had said, and lifted up the water Mou and said, “don’t you marry someone else, OK? ”

With a cautious tone of attention, he gazed at his every look. The little girl could easily touch his heart and melt his heart. Yang Fu got up and walked out of the main room without a word, holding her wrist.

So, “where does the king take me?” ”

The lantern of the porch is hanging high, but the servant girl at night wants to ask questions. But after seeing the two people’s atmosphere, he stops with interest. Yang Fu always led her to his study, pushed the straight door, lit the candle lamp with the fire fold, and threw two long shadows on the wall.

Yang Fu took her to the couch and sat down. ”

Miao Miao is puzzled. He has come to the head of the case, spread out a Xuan paper, put pen to carefully observe her eyebrows. Miao finally understood what he was going to do and got up. “You want to paint me?” ”

Yang Fu was right, but his voice was gentle, “well, sit back.” ”

Miao Miao obediently sat back on the couch, Ying Ying’s eyes were full of hope, and the lips were bent uncontrollably. “Why do you paint me? ”

“Yang Fu is very quiet,” asked the queen later, and I could give her this picture. ”

She collapsed and laughed down. “The queen will be angry. She doesn’t like me.” ”

“How can it be?” After sitting in the case, Yang Fu dropped a pen on the paper. In fact, he didn’t have to look at it much. The face was already familiar, and every expression of her eyes was vividly in his mind when she closed her eyes. “The last time you left you in the palace, she once boasted you. ”

The vast ocean is surprised to open his eyes. “What do you say to me?” ”

Yang Fu, with a smile, was “stubborn.” ”

The queen of the last time asked her to persuade Yang Fu, but she had no choice but to say yes. After that, Wei told Yang Fu about this, and she was annoyed to comment that she was “stubborn”. Yang Fu had never said to Miao Miao that she suddenly thought of it and asked her to play tricks on her today.

Miao Miao really did not understand. She was literate and literal. “What do you mean?” ”

On the paper, two eyebrows were swept away, and Yang Fu’s eyes were more gentle. “You are smart and sensible. ”

Miao Miao Oh, one, hey hey giggle, it is to remember this idiom.

She was an idle temperament, and after half a hour, she was in a hurry, looking at his head from time to time and peeping at the paintings he made, but it was a pity that he could only see the corner of the paper, and how the painting could not be seen at all. When she moved, she was whispered by Yang Fu, “are you good?” ”

At first, there will be a nod, “good.” ”

After that, he was very anxious and shook his head like a rattle. Let me take a look, just look at one eye, OK? ”

Yang Fu raised his eyes, but he could not help but indulge in the mixture. ”

“What if you have painted me ugly?” “The pouted mouth of the Miao, but still sit in the words.

When she saw Yang Fu did not speak, she turned her head in a soft voice and asked, “is it beautiful, Wang Ye?” ”

The girl was so noisy that she couldn’t answer the question. Yang did not answer the question. However, he did not say that Miao Miao asked him patiently, so that the voice of her soft waxy voice echoed in the vast library.

“Lord, am I beautiful?” ”

“You speak. ”

“Why do not take care of me…” ”

She hustled up her cheeks and stared at the quiet person in front of her, so she almost stopped working. After asking Miao Miao, he was overwhelmed by her willpower. Yang Fu sighed as if he were silent. ”

The Miao man contented his eyes, and said, “don’t be so proud.” I know. ”

In the past, she did not feel that she was much more outstanding. Since she became a human, she has been swinging in the palace of the palace all day, and has more and more visions on her body. Even when she smiles sometimes, the servant girl will not start with her face red and red. “The girl is very beautiful. If I were a man, I would be fascinated by you. ”

At this time Miao Miao knew, oh, she was so beautiful.

After two hours, her portrait was finally painted. Miao couldn’t wait to jump up and look at the portrait in Yang Fu’s hands. “Let me see!” ”

The little girl was sitting on the couch in Maitreya, her hands on the edge of the collapse. The eyebrow is as distant as the daisy, the lip is cherry, the face is like peach blossom, floating on the scroll, vividly. Miao is looking closely at him as if he were looking at himself in the mirror. ”

The night was deep. Yang Fu pressed down with the town paper. “Tomorrow I’ll find someone to mount it. It’s not early. Go back to bed first.” ”

After sitting for two hours, Rao slept for an entire afternoon and couldn’t help it. “Then you have to hang up later.” ”

Yang Fu nodded, “OK. ”

She is not at ease, “hanging in the study room, you read every day tired, look at me, my mood will be better!” ”

I would really like to put gold on my face. Yang Fu smiled and scratched her nose. “It’s better to see people directly than to look at them. ”

Miao Miao with his nose snore, “what if I’m not there?” ”

Yang Fu, “No.” ”

He will not let her leave, and she can only be around him all his life.


After escaping for two days, Miao Miao felt that she could not go on like this. She had to speak well with Wei Ling, otherwise she would not know how to face him. Some of her words had been brewing many times in her mind, and she had repeatedly decided to go to Ruifeng hospital.

Before entering the door, I felt that the hospital was not quite right, as if it were not the same as the day before yesterday. In the courtyard, the servant girl named green bamboo was not seen. Only two maids of pink blue long Blues were raising water. She came to the front, and looked at the room and asked, “is Wei Ling in?” ”

The two girls looked at each other and recognized her. One of them rubbed her hands. “Can the girl know that Mr. Wei left yesterday?” ”

A Weng in the brain of the Miao, “left? ”

She just hesitated a day, and he went? But why didn’t you speak to her before leaving? Miao Miao did not believe that he had rushed into the house without waiting for two people to answer. The room was clear and bright, and the inner room was neat and clean.

Even a little bit of Wei Ling’s shadow did not come to mind. When he remembered something, he came up with a soft pillow before the couch. Wei Ling went away. He took everything away, but he did not speak to her.

There was an uneasy pain in my heart, and I felt a little more guilty about Wei Ling. When she came out of the room, the two girls were pestling outside the hospital. She asked, “where’s Wei Ling?” ”

The two of them were at a loss. “Wei Lang Jun did not tell his servant the journey before leaving, nor did the servant know. ”

When she saw the two faces, she did not know what she thought. “How are you? And she… “For a long time, I remembered the name of the servant girl.” where is the green bamboo? ”

This is a good answer. She’s two Humanitarianism: “green bamboo is transferred to the backyard for service. The girl wants to see her. ”

A little bit of the head, “take me to see her.” ”

Guided by the two men, she came to the backyard to wash clothes and found the figure of green bamboo before a row of clothes. The Miao is eager to come forward and come straight to the point. “Do you know where Wei Ling is going? ”

Green bamboo is twisting her clothes. It is quite unexpected to see her coming. “Wei Lang Jun? ”

After listening to the Miao dialect, she hung her head in a dim expression. ”

How could it be known that she was just a servant girl? How could he tell her whereabouts? Lian Wei Ling has left. She knows all about it now. Miao Miao was really sick and rushed to the doctor, and she did not continue to be entangled.

Before passing a pond, he suddenly realized that he was stupid. He pulled out the blood stone from his chest and held it tightly in his palm. He chose a less obvious place to hide. She was more nervous than ever, and began to talk quietly for a long time. “Wei Ling, why did you leave? ”

The blood stone became hot in her hands, but it didn’t get a long wait. Miao tried to cry again, “Wei Ling?” ”

There is no reaction.

She was so anxious that she raised the blood like stone to the sun and shouted a few lines of Wei Ling, “where are you?” Is it because I’ve gone? ”

The sunlight pierced her eyes, and Miao Miao squinted her eyes, looking at the dripping blood in the stone. Her nose was sour, and her voice choked without warning. “I have a lot of words… Are you not going to forgive me? I was so surprised that I couldn’t tell you better… ”

Her words were incoherent, and only she could understand herself.

The Wei Ling on the other side may not hear her. She sat down on the tree trunk and sat down with emotion.


The picture was hung up in the study and hung up in the study with Yang Hua Fu’s head. She could see her smiling face as soon as she looked up.

He was looking at the letters sent from Longzhou, and heard a hurried footstep outside the door, and a figure broke into the study. “Wang Ye, do you know that Wei Ling has left? ”

Yang Fu put down the letter and looked at her for a moment. ”

Any movement in the government will be clear to him. Besides, this is not a trivial matter. Wei Ling is leaving his line. When she came home late yesterday, she didn’t have time to call from her. Look, you care.

Miao Miao felt weak and anxious to cry. “Why didn’t you tell me? I… I have nothing to say… ”

Yang Fu gaze, “what’s the word? ”

She had not heard of it and ran away from her forehead. “I can’t find him. He’s looking for him with blood stone. He doesn’t even care about me.” What do you do, in case Wei Ling has an accident? ”

Yang Fu held down her trembling hands and picked up her perspiration on her forehead. “Yesterday was the guard to escort him out of the city gate. The official way was very safe. You don’t have to worry about it.” ”

With his comfort, the mood of the Miao gradually calmed down. “Why did he ignore me? ”

Yang Fu said, “maybe I didn’t hear it. ”

She muffled, uh, secretly planned to find him again in the evening.

The weather turned to deep lips, and the weather became hot every day. During the day, he had a lot of sweat. In the evening, he didn’t use the late meal to take a bath first. He spent the whole afternoon in a hurry. Wei Ling is very fierce. He will not get into trouble. He may be angry with her, so she ignored her.

Thinking about this, she must explain it to her.

She used to sit on the couch after supper, and she hesitated to hold her blood stone. If he was okay, why did she ignore her during the day, because she didn’t want to talk to her? Does she look for him again now?

At the time of hesitant, Yang Fu had finished washing. He sat down on the edge of the cliff and rubbed her forehead. “There will always be a chance to see each other. ”

Miao Miao blinked, as if thinking about his words.

Only a candle lamp was left in the room, and the spice of the smoking cage was coming up. The Miao had not recovered. The blood stone in his hand was taken away by him and placed on the table beside him. She reached for enough, “return it to me.” ”

But the hand was too short to reach him, and he was holding his waist and sitting on his waist without warning. She was red in her face. “What do you do?” ”

Yang Fu’s palm was strong and warm, moving down her slim waist. “Gone?” ”

After a long silence, Miao Miao woke up to what he meant by this. He opened his mouth and put his skirt under his feet, and then he went into an unruly hand. She chewed her lips, and her body flutted against her chest, and her ears were red with shyness.

Yang Fu insisted on asking clearly, “Miao Miao, tell me. ”

Miao bites his lower lip. “Don’t you know… “He met all his hands, and asked him on purpose.

These days, it was very hard for her to eat and eat. In order to take care of her body, she had to give up. Now it’s hard to wait for the Kui Shui to go clean. He will let her go.

Yang Fu raised her hand and put down the gold curtain. She turned over and pressed her under her body. After she could accept it, she helped her to slender her waist and slowly put it in.

It’s still painful, and it’s getting worse, but it’s easier to accept than the first time. Miao Miao can not help but cry, like a boat, with his movements floating deep. The legs were so swollen that they were filled with fullness and could not help spilling out of their mouths.

The candlelight is faint, and one head can see the little girl can not bear the charming, Yang Fu pressed her hands on the head of the bed, ten fingers buckle, the movement has more and more intense trend. She can easily stir up his heartstrings, without too many words, and a look can not help him.

Her body was very sensitive. She felt very strong when she got into the deep, and Yang Fu Qing’s voice was more and more low. “I want a girl… ”

Miao raised his head on his shoulder and left a row of tiny teeth marks. “It’s not what I can decide.” ”

She was so weak that she finally lay softly in his arms. Her long eyelashes covered her bright eyes and went to sleep weary.


Four or five days later, at the beginning of summer, counting fingers was the ninetieth day when she came to shore.

The blink of an eye passed three months ago. She was so frightened that the day came and she was afraid of herself.

Miao Miao asked questions every day with blood stone.

These days, Yang Fu did not let her go when she was free. Most of the time she had been able to endure for a long time, she had to squeeze her in bed for one or two hours every night. Miao Miao where can be caught up, even now walking legs ache, but after he satisfied with the full energy, contrary to her.

It was hard to expect him to leave for a while. Miao took a bath and went to the hospital with his son.

Just as she was about to go back, she felt the fever in her chest and rushed out to see it. She hurriedly held up, not waiting for the other party to speak urgently, “Wei Ling? ”

There was some noise there, accompanied by the sound of gurgling water, but not after Wei Lin’s voice. ”

Like an old man, his voice is husky and calm.

The water is stagnant, “who are you, Wei Ling?” ”

“He was in the East China Sea. The last time you became a human drug, I gave it to you. “Obviously old, but with a strong voice,” you and I have some sources. ”

So say… Is he the old man in the East China Sea?

Suddenly, the Miao became respectful and solemnly holding blood stone. “Grandpa, I am very grateful to you, but I have never had a chance to tell you. “She scratched her cheek, then asked,” why is Wei Ling in your place? How can he ignore me these days? ”

But the old man’s next words made her stiff.

“He died soon, and came to see me at the end of the day. It’s in a coma at the moment. ”

When he was silent, he began to speak with a shiver. Huh? ”

The other side sighed deeply: “he is dying of health, and it is estimated that it will not last many days.” ”

Miao Miao is like a clay sculpture, the spring breeze on her body, but bring a chill of cold, from cold to feet.

Wei Ling can’t? Is he going to die, but not a few days ago? He also came to check that he had nothing to do with it.

Why do you die soon?

The voice of the Miao is so dry that he can hardly speak when he opens his mouth. ”

The old man looked down at the man on the stone bed. Although he warned him not to tell the truth for several times, he would die.

Without his response, Miao Miao was afraid that he suddenly broke up and asked anxiously several times: “what’s wrong with Wei Ling? Please tell me… ”

對方經過一番斟酌,娓娓道來:「他身上原本就帶著舊傷,是兩個月前來東海取藥留下的。事後又過來一趟,找我求取能變成人類的藥丸,那藥物我煉製幾十年仍未成功,他卻執意要拿走。為了增大成功的機會,他硬生生捨棄了幾十年的修為,如今一身的傷,怕是無力回天了。」The other side, after some deliberation, said: “he had old wounds on his body, and he came to the East China Sea two months ago to take medicine. After that, I came over and asked me for a pill that could turn into a human being. I hadn’t succeeded in refining it for decades, but he insisted on taking it away. In order to increase the chance of success, he gave up for decades. ”

Miao Miao only felt a roar in the brain. She bent down and shrunk into a ball.

Originally, there was no medicine that could turn into human beings, but Wei Ling had given him to him for her sake. Now she had her wish, but Wei Ling was going to die.

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