90 Days of Spring: 83 – Day 82

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第 83 第八十二日·番外·衛泠的小棉襖(一) Chapter 83 The Eighty Second Day – Extra – Wei Ling’s small cotton padded jacket

The sea of the East China Sea, the sea is calm, blue waves.

There were several fishing boats on the coast, sunset and dusk, and fishermen packed their nets in the early morning to return. One of the fishermen picked up a heavy fishing net, and today they are very rewarding. They should be able to sell more money on the market. He wiped away the sweat on his face. He saw a silver white carp in the fishing net. He was almost transparent and was struggling restless.

Oh, there is still carp in the sea. It’s really rare. Moreover, this carp is different from others in its appearance and is beautiful. I heard that aristocrats like to keep this koi carp. He thought about it and was trying to catch it. He knew that the little carp squeezed out the net and moved to the depths of the sea flexibly.

It is a pity that the fisherman regrets the net and looks at its direction.

The small carp is exquisitely carved, with a slight silver white, and can hardly see its shape in the sea. As it went deeper and deeper, it passed through a coral forest. With a flash of light, it slowly showed a little girl with a comb. Her dark hair and snowy skin, pink carving and jade cutting, black eyes remained lingering.

Luckily, she was running fast, or she would be arrested. Wei Ling’s uncle asked her not to go to the shore. She wouldn’t listen. If he knew it, he would be scolded.

She was still fortunate to know that she had followed a fierce big fish behind her.

The little girl screamed and hurried to the lower reaches of the river.

“Uncle Wei Ling save me!” 好在她聰明,專門挑石洞珊瑚這種小地方鑽,小身板靈活得很,根本捉不到她。前方驀然出現一個身影,她一喜,加快速度往那兒游去,張開短短的胳膊撲入對方懷中。
Luckily, she was clever enough to pick holes in the stone cave, and the small body was so flexible that she could not catch her at all. A figure suddenly appeared in front of her. She was glad to speed up and swim there. She opened her arms and threw herself into her arms.


Wei Ling drove away the fierce fish, pulled out the little girl hiding behind her, and knocked her forehead with displeasure. “Why did she sneak out again? ”

The little girl covered her forehead, and her eyes were full of reverence and admiration. ”

Do not think that he will not punish her if he has to sneak around. ”

She pointed to the top of the sea. Her cheeks were full of yearning and childish voice. “I went to see them fishing, and I caught a lot of fish. “She blinked, as if thinking of something,” Uncle Wei Ling, where do you say they will take the fish? Will I meet my aunt? ”

This little girl is a girl who was born two years ago. Her name is Yao Yao, her temperament is very bad, and she is very old and eccentric. Only Wei Ling can cure her.

When he first came to the East China Sea, Miao Miao learned that he was pregnant. But at that time, when Wei Ling was weak, she turned back to the shark and could not go back. She was born in the water after October. When she was born, she was born like a shark.

This little girl inherited the appearance of her mother, and the white skin and snow, the fine features, enough to foresee the beauty of the future.

In order to save Wei Ling’s life, Miao Miao returned all his repair to a silver white shark. After three years of training under the water, she could not grow up. Finally, the old man helped her before she died, and she had the chance to go back to shore again. Who knows that this little girl can change freely between the person and the shark on the day when she is two years old.

This kind of thing really depends on talent, not to come.

Wei Ling touched her head. “Since you want to know, why didn’t you go with your mother? ”

“Because I can’t give up uncle Wei!” “She said, holding his arm tightly and lifting her wet almond eyes.” is uncle Wei Ling going to drive me away? You don’t like the death of the dead? ”

How can he not like this little girl, who has been pestering him since birth, and can’t throw away like a little tail. Of course, Wei Ling could not bear to throw off, especially when she was soft and glutinous and called “Wei Ling uncle”.

Wei Ling ticked her little nose. “Who dares to like this? ”

The little girl threw herself on him, grudgingly around his neck, and seemed to be very unhappy with what he said. “But you like mother, I am a good baby of my mother, so uncle Wei Ling likes me. ”

Wei Ling Leng, stiffly let her play a trick on him. “Who told you? ”

She stretched out her little tongue and licked his neck and felt it was not very good. “Grandpa said to him, he also said you were stupid. So, mom doesn’t like you. Look for me! ”

The little girl was too smart and not good. Wei Lin suddenly had some headache and dragged her from her body. ”

“Why is it?” ”

Wei Ling do not open the line of sight, no answer.

She stretched out her hands for two times and was very upset: “Uncle Wei Ling? ”

Wei Ling pressed her head to try to keep her quiet for a while, but the little girl was too energetic and uneasy. She can still be more noisy than Miao Miao, and she is not good at all. Wei Lin transfers the topic. “You don’t want to see you, yeah? ”

“I think. In the eyes of Yao Yao, the star is shining, and the face is childlike. “I want to go with Uncle Wei Ling. Will you take me to Jesus?” ”

She had never seen her from birth, so that she could not forget her father. Miao almost told her about Yang Fu every day. In the long run, she knew that she had a rich, elegant, beautiful woman.

This time, my mother wanted to take her together, but she could not bear uncle Wei Ling and said she would not go. On the day of the Miao’s walk, she cried to the earth, and pulled out the dress of Wei Ling and shouted “mother”. The heart is broken. I really don’t want to leave this baby’s lump.

But Miao did not walk for two days, so she forgot her sadness and recovered her vigor and vitality.

Anyway, it was her own choice. If I leave with my mother, I won’t see Uncle Wei Ling. Then she would rather stay in the East China Sea.

Wei Ling seriously thought of her words, no way. In the past few years, he has recovered from the old wound, and there is nothing wrong with him. Besides, there is nothing in the East China Sea that should be missed. He thought to himself, “can you not listen when you get ashore? ”

Wei Ling had no confidence in it. It was not that he was incompetent, but that she was too cunning and mischievous. He could slip away without paying attention.

It is hard to give up and scolding, and it is a real headache.

Yao nods and nods, and raises three little fingers to assure him that he will obey. ”

Wei Ling turns her lips and holds her soft little hand.


A month later, they set off from the East China Sea and took a boat to the nearest town.

Yao Yao is already three years old. When she is active and active, she refuses to ride in a carriage and is reluctant to take a boat. She only likes Wei Ling to ride her with her. In the late autumn, the wind was a bit cold on his body. Wei Ling wrapped her in the mantle, holding a rope, and covering her little head with one hand. “If you are cold, tell your uncle. ”

She huddled in Wei Ling’s arms, showing only a pair of black and black eyes, the eyes full of strange, unblinking on both sides of the road, “death is not cold, uncle Wei Ling, quick, faster, a little faster!”

So Wei Ling raised the whip, and smoked it on horseback, and the steed of the Zizhong steed ran fast towards the road ahead. The horseshoe fell on the road, and the dust rose behind him. The two men galloped away, leaving only the cheering cheer of the little girl.

“I’m running so fast!” The tree does not die fast! ”

Wei Ling leaned over and hugged her tightly to her arms. Her face was smiling and her smile was full of spoiling.

They traveled all the way for three months before they arrived in Beijing. However, Yao was not at all anxious. Everything on the way was very strange. He had a little bit of fun.

At first, Wei Ling was worried that she would run away on the road. Whoever knew this little girl had been holding his hand firmly and did not leave him for half a step. When it came to the capital city, it was already in the depths of winter. Only a snow lay on the ground and a thick layer of snow on the ground.

Yao has seen snow in the East China Sea, but he has never tried to feel on the snow. As soon as the two men entered the city gate, she slipped off the carriage and trampled several footprints around Wei Ling. ”

Wei Ling called her up and squatted down. She tightened the cloak of her front body and put her hat on. “The road is slippery and don’t run.” ”

The little girl’s face, a round of white fur, rabbit hair, surrounded by exquisite little face, she sucked a red nose. “Oh! ”

The streets of Beijing are bustling and bustling, and there are many shop vendors on both sides of the road. She looked up and saw a young man picking up a little bit of gadget and swinging back and forth in his hand, and she saw all her eyes straight and ran over there.

She is a little different from an ordinary girl. She doesn’t like to eat snacks, but she likes all kinds of small toys. In the first few towns, Wei Ling bought a lot of her, but she did not keep it in her hand for three days.

The little girl, dressed in a cherry pink cloak, ran out a few steps at a shakes of life. It was so lovely that many passers-by, wondering who had such good luck, could produce such a beautiful little doll.

She didn’t run so far, and suddenly stopped to look behind him. See Wei Ling was pulling the horse and walking behind her. She had a pout in her mouth and returned to hold his hand. “Go fast!” ”

Wei Ling looked at her. How did she not know what she wanted to do, “want toys? ”

Nod, “HMM. ”

He ticked his lips and said, “don’t buy it.” ”

Yao, disappointed, he hugged Wei Ling’s legs and looked up at him anxiously, “why?” She wants to die. ”

Wei Ling leaned over and picked her up. He led the other rope to the inn. “What about the Luban lock I bought for you last time?” ”

She was a little proud. “I’ve broken it up and put it back. ”

Wei Ling asked, “what about the nine link?” ”

She is empty, “bad. ”

“What about the jigsaw puzzle?” ”

Yao Yao hugged his neck and began to play tricks on him. “I want to rattle, uncle Wei Ling to buy Yao Yao.” I only like you in the future, I like it better than my mother. ”

Unable to carry her entreaty, Wei Ling finally stopped at the toy booth and handed the rattle drum to her hand. Ben just wanted to tease her for a while, and what she wanted, Wei Ling would satisfy as much as she could. Yao did not answer it, but he chewed his face on his face. It was very crisp and left a lot of saliva. “Wei Ling’s uncle is the best! ”

Wei Ling’s fingers put a glistening saliva on her face. “Dirty is dead.” Despite this, the action was not in the least disregarded.

Yao Yao blinks his eyes and laughs and dodge. He persists in defending himself. “I am not dirty unless it is dirty or dirty. ”

The speaker came to the inn, and the horses were kept in the stable of the backyard, and they led the two of them up the stairs. All the way down the road, they were turning the rattle drum and singing their new little song on the other side. Her voice was sweet and sweet, with the waxy waxy childish, but her voice was not pleasant, but it was barely pleasant.


Staying in Beijing for ten days, Yao seems to have forgotten the purpose of his trip.

To be reminded by Wei Ling, “do you still want to see your mother?” ”

She thought of it, “think!” Where is my mother? ”

The emperor who died four years ago is now sitting on the 95 throne, who is known as the four kings many years ago. Four the palace has long been uninhabited, but there are still guards on the doorway. It’s not easy to get in. However, it was difficult to get to others, but it was difficult for him not to turn down Wei Ling. He stood outside the wall and relaxed, and jumped over the wall.

He cried in surprise, and was immediately covered by Wei Ling’s mouth. He approached the warning: “don’t talk. If you are caught, you will not see your mother.” ”

He nodded his death, and he had a good eye.

Before he came, he had investigated clearly that Yang Fu would live here for 35 days every month, which was the time to calculate.

Wei Ling took her to go to the light house first. There were only a few girls in the hospital who did not see the others. After hiding for a while, listening to their conversation seemed to be in the five Tung Pavilion.

Five the Tong pavilion was near, and a large gray cat slipped out of the hospital. It was not yet near. ”

When he was young, he was almost eaten by cats and was instinctively afraid of cats. However, she was very well protected from pee. She did not know what she was afraid of. She loved animals very much.

When Wei Ling tried to stop it, it was already late. She went out of her arms and ran away. He climbed up to the door with his hands on the steps, and he kouched down and picked up snow OUOU and touched his fur. “My name is Yao Yao, what’s your name?” ”

The voice will fall, and then listen to the unbelievable surprise in front: “Why are you here? ”

She looked up, and she was standing outside for a few months. She ran excitedly down, climbing down the stairs with her small body. “Mother, mother!” ”

The Miao was so frightened that he did not pay attention to the dead body of his side, and wanted to embrace her. However, she held her arms around the snow Ou in her arms. ”

She always listened to Miao Miao’s words, reluctantly put down snow ou, rushed into her arms, “ah, I miss you!” ”

How does the Miao don’t think of her, and hold her tight for a long time? This is her baby’s pimple. If she hadn’t insisted on leaving the East China Sea, she said she would all bring her back together.

Her eyes were shining from her shoulders, staring at the man in front of the dark green embroidered gold robe, full of curiosity.

Although she inherited the beauty of the Miao, most of her eyes were like Yang Fu. When she looked at them, she suddenly asked, “are you me? ”

Miao has said that there is a child between the two, but when she really appears in front of her eyes, it is more unrealistic and pleasant.

Yang Fu took her and cautiously held it in her arms. “Are you young? ”

She ordered her two head, and the first time she saw her, she was more honest than ever, both happy and new, “Uncle Wei said,” aunt Wei wanted to give me a small cotton padded jacket, but she wrote the wrong word, so I was called to die. ”

The little girl looked very embarrassed. What did the little girl say?

Yang Fudi laughed and loved the heart. “Who brought you here? ”

She hurried back, pointing to the man standing at the door, “Uncle Wei Ling! ”

When the two heard the sound, there was a dark figure standing on the steps of Qingshi. His face was cold, and he gazed silently at the three people in front. When the eyes fall on the little girl, the floating is not easy to detect.

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