90 Days of Spring: 85 – Day 84

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第 84 第八十三日·番外·衛泠的小棉襖(二) Chapter 84 The Eighty Third Day – Extra – Wei Ling’s small cotton padded jacket

From the East China Sea to the capital, she used to be trapped in the palace.

Although there was her mother aye in the palace, she did not have the blue sky and blue sky that she liked. Don’t look at her small, but some things are very opinionated.

For example, at this moment, Miao Miao tried to make her stay, but the little girl shook her head like a rattle drum. “No, I am not.” ”

Miao Miao really has no choice. He used all the bullying and coercion once, and it was useless for this little girl. “Are you going to be accompanying your mother?” She said, with a pathetic look, rubbing her head and coaxing, “my mother is so dull in the palace that I want you to accompany me.” ”

In fact, she could not give up her, and crumpled her face to ponder, and the good half came up with a good idea. “But a mother and aer, you have a younger brother to aye, so it’s not a person!” ”

On one side, Yang Fu listened to the fun and pulled her to his leg and praised the way. ”

After several days of getting along, she has been very familiar with Yang Fu, who was a lively and cheerful temperament. She clasped his neck and grinned. “He was right. ”

The flat and flat mouth of the Miao gaze at Yang Fuyi’s eyes.

He had been unruly to Yao Yao, and even if she had been in the palace, he had no regard for it. How could he become arrogant and arrogant?

Yang Fu laughed low. “But is he really willing to give up an aunt?” If you leave, you can’t see her for a long time. ”

Xiao Yao lived with Miao Miao from the childhood. The most frequent time to leave is this time, which lasted for more than six months. On the two days when the couple first met, the little girl wished to be wrapped around the Miao. However, it was not a month, and she was bored in the palace. She said she wanted to go outside with Uncle Wei and travel around, where she was willing to dissuade her.

Yao Yao is still young. He can’t see his mother in the future. He will cry when he purr twice. I just went out to play, not to see my mother. ”

Yang Fu rubbed her little head. “Can’t you go?” Stay with jejah in the palace. ”

Her long eyelashes hung with a few drops of water, with a pair of big eyes and a bright crystal. “But Uncle Wei Ling has to go. ”

Yang Fu is rigid.

She was more dismayed, and her uncle and mother were hesitant. “If I stay, uncle Wei Ling is a person…” He is always a man, and he wants to be with him. ”

Yang Fu put her hand on her head, and she had five flavours in her mind.

How did she stick to Wei Ling during this period? He could see clearly. It can be said that this little girl is more intimate to her uncle Wei Ling than to her.

In the past, he always wanted to have a girl with Miao Miao, and he said that his daughter was his father’s intimate cotton padded jacket.

After struggling for a long time, she finally compromised. “Mother is not going anywhere. I will be right here waiting for you to come back. ”

It was probably this sentence that made her sad. The little girl finally failed to hold back her tears and stretched out her arms to go to the Miao’s arms. She is a shark, Miao Miao is also, one big, one small, two crying together is very spectacular, most of the half year Treasury is not worried about deficit.

Yang Fuli looked helpless, and saw the trend that they had not stopped for a short time, and called the maidservant of the palace maidservant to go to the side of his death, and he pressed the Miao to his chest, “no cry.” ”

The words fell to her ear and whispered, and the ears of the ears were rapidly red, and the sobbing became smaller.

The maidservant of the palace was to wait for the Miao, how much to know about her in this half of the year, and to know that she was special, and that she had not been surprised, and persuaded the little princess to cry in soft whisper.

She is a sensible person. She knows what to say and why she should not say it, so that she does not worry about it.


As soon as he died, he saw a figure in the doorway. He fell down from the palace servant and ran around to hold his leg, “Uncle Wei Ling. ”

The little girl cried her eyes red and her eyes were covered with mist. Wei Ling stooped to pick her up and thumb wiped away the beads of her eyes. “What are you crying about?” ”

The baby’s mouth is shrivelled, “the mother cried first.” ”

Wei Ling heard the words, and Miao Miao had already collected tears. She was lowering her head and rubbing her eyes. Yang Fu looked at her gently. He withdrew his eyes and didn’t have much emotion. “Did you tell your mother when to leave?” ”

She nodded, “said. ”

It seemed that there was no place for him to stay, but he never stepped forward. Wei Ling held her around, “let’s go.” ”

The day of departure was set in the early days of the day after tomorrow. It was too busy to be ready for a lot of things.

Fortunately, the little girl had a little conscience, and she knew that she went to sleep in her room at night and grumbled with her hair. It was the one or two hour.

Of course, there could not be only one bedroom in the bed. She would lie in the middle of the two, holding a hand on her stomach. “Aye ah, don’t forget me. ”

The Miao asked her, “will you forget us?” ”

“Of course not! He turned over and came to the front of the Miao Dynasty, incense one, and squat on Yang Fu’s face. At last, he smiled. “I am your long princess. ”

She may not know what the princess means, but these days she can walk around the palace and hear her voice everywhere. She remembered that she was a long princess, and showed it every day, as if it was something of honor.

Miao poked her little chewing face and tried to say something, but because she would leave tomorrow, she could not say a word.

It was Yang Fu who stretched out her long arm and blocked her two men into her arms. “You are the princess of the big Vietnamese. ”

Yao Yao blinked his eyes and could not understand the meaning of the words.

She was so tired that she fell asleep in the arms of her arms, and her hands and feet were all stretched on her.

Miao’s mood was low, and she didn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night. She moved lightly and was held by Yang Fu. She was surprised, “you didn’t sleep?” ”

Yang Fu pinched her palm and looked at her, looking at her with a slight moonlight. She could see the surprise and panic in her face. “Waiting for you.” ”

She tossed and turned all night, from time to time, with a little voice, thinking that her movements were slight, and they were all in the ears of Yang Fu. She is not willing to die, he does not taste, but not easy to look forward to his and the Miao daughter, did not expect to do not do his father’s love, they have to be snatched, how can be willing to be willing?

However, this is the choice for her to make. They have no reason to strangle her. The little girl is born free, and barely sleepy.

Miao Miao Ding Mou, “Wang Ye does not know, when I gave birth to her, I wasted so much energy that I felt pain all over me. However, after seeing her, she felt that everything was worth it, and Yao Yao was even more lovable than I thought. I can’t actually give up her, and I can’t give it up at all. ”

Yang Fu looked at her side by side. Her eyes were bright and bright in the dark. She couldn’t help reaching for her touch. “Then there were some rebirth. Then we were surrounded by the children of our knees. They would be as lovely as death.” ”

Miao didn’t think much, nodded in good voice, “well. ”


The next day, she died with Wei Ling in a chariot’s carriage. This time she didn’t cry because she knew she was here. When she thought of them, she could come back and see.

It was Miao Miao who cried so badly that he did not want to see him. He began to wipe his tears away from his body.

Yang Fu sighed, drew her into her arms, and patted her on the back and murmured to coax.

The chariot was a little farther away until the gate was out. The mood of Yao Yao began to go down. There was no beginning to be full of enthusiasm. He looked at the window with all his strength. The palatial palace was getting farther and farther away from her, and she was getting farther and farther away from Aunt aye, until she could see it again, and she sat down in the carriage and had no ordinary vitality.

Wei Ling branch holds the chin, “regret?” ”

He looked up at him and nodded, but finally shook his head firmly. ”

The little girl opened her eyes and said a lie. She would cry out next second, and pretend to be a grown-up in front of him. Wei Ling felt soft and lifted her to her lap. “Do you know where your uncle is going?” ”

Yao Yao tilted his head. “Can’t you go anywhere?” ”

Wei Ling couldn’t help laughing. She hung up her little red nose. “You’re right. Wherever you go. Are you afraid of it? What if I sell you? ”

“No!” She did not want to reply, but his little hands cling to his clothes. “I am uncle Wei’s little cotton padded jacket. Without me, you will be cold.” ”

Wei Ling was startled, and the softness of his eyes almost overflowed. He bent over and held his little body tightly. “You are right, I am afraid of cold. ”

Yao forgot his feelings. He opened his hands and hugged him. “And I have pearls. Uncle Wei Ling can’t sell me. ”

When he thought about it, he broke away from Wei Ling’s arms and looked down at things. Finally, he pulled out a money bag embroidered with carp and water from his waist, unravelled the rope, and proudly extended it to Wei Ling. “Look, this is my mother. ”

This bag of pearls was taken to her by Miao Miao before she left. It was the last time the two men fell in tears together. After that, she was picked up by the palace girl and handed it to her. She was afraid of two people on the road, and secretly took it to Yao Yao, and told her to listen to Uncle Wei’s words on the way. Don’t cry casually.

Wei Ling did not answer, but hung up again and hung back to his waist. “Have you heard a word? Money must not be exposed, or you will be robbed of it, and you will not be able to buy toys in the future. ”

He stood on his couch and nodded. “Oh… ”

Wei Ling patted her head and thought that there was a saying in six water. She was his little cotton padded jacket and was worth even the city.

第 85 第八十四日·番外·衛泠的小棉襖(三) – Chapter 85 The Eighty Fourth Day – Extra

As early as several years ago, Wei Ling had travelled the river north and south, but nothing new to him. The only pleasure is the laughter on the road. Her temper is somewhat similar to that of him. But this little girl is much more alive than he is, even if he runs a whole day without feeling tired.

In the depths of winter, the scenery of West Lake in Yangzhou is unique. The two people came here by car and spent a month on the way. When it arrived, it was early spring, with catkins flying on the banks, and boats in the lake, sparkling with microwave.

For a long time, he had not fallen into the water. When he jumped into the water, he was stopped by Wei Ling. ”

Halfway through her belt, Wei Lin rejoined her. “Why? ”

“It will frighten others. Wei Ling simply explained that now she spoke to her deeply, and she did not understand it. There are many literati on the shore, and there are also girls who are with each other. If they are allowed to see her shark appearance, will it cause a great sensation?

Miss Yao thought carefully that there were few people who could turn into a shark like her. ”

It’s getting late in Yangzhou. They have to find a place to stay clean. Otherwise, if there is no inn to stay at night, they have to take her to the streets. Wei Ling, who was familiar with this area, did not ride the chariot, but carried her directly to the East Street.

When he looked at the shops on the street, he was so busy that he finally did not want to let Wei Ling embrace himself.

In the street, there was a light shallot in the street, and the little girl in the street was walking down the street, touching the hairpin, and pinched the mud man of the house for a moment. Behind her was a handsome young man, with her eyes on her, and her slightly curved lips capsized.

In front of the flower cake, the great uncle, who was very delicate and very happy, gave her a hot egg cake and said, “do you want to taste a flower cake, little girl?” ”

She looked up at a golden steamed cake and passed it in front of her, emitting a sweet and glutinous taste. Yao is not a gluttonous person. He is now greedy and squinted with a pair of clear eyes. Then he tiptoed and took a bite. Her lips were full of fragrant and sweet taste. She reached out with her hands and cautiously answered, and cried sweetly, “thank you, uncle! ”

The uncle laughed heartily, and felt the look of the little girl.

Yao licked the corners of his mouth and ran happily down the stalls. In a moment her hands were full of food, and the peddlers on the road were very enthusiastic, and she gave birth to a grim mouth, coaxing the big mother’s heart, and liked it.

Wei Ling followed her behind, laughing up her lips. The little girl really had the ability to do it.

She ran back to Wei Ling and smiled and asked, “can you eat uncle Wei Ling?” ”

Wei Ling picked eyebrows and was not very interested in these snacks. He did not hesitate to say “no”. ”

Yao dies in anguish and shrivelled mouth. She can’t see how much she eats in a pile of food. How can we solve these things when we are suffering, we are attracted by the noise in the alley.

In the depths of the alley, four or five teenagers were kicking a figure, beating and kicking, and scolding vulgar remarks angrily. Yao Yao looked at it in a daze, and the boy was beaten without a fight. She felt pain for him, and the small chest suddenly raised anger.

A few of them bullied one, and it was too much!

Yao wants to help, but he thinks he can’t beat others. All of a sudden, there was a man beside him. He hastened to tug at the sleeves of Lin Ling. “Uncle Wei Ling, the man was miserable. ”

There is no expression on Wei Ling’s face, quiet and well.

If he did not understand his meaning, he could not help but hurry. “Can we help him?” ”

Wei Ling lowers her head to meet her eyes, “how can you help?” ”

She blurted out, “can’t you drive them away like you did last time? ”

Wei Ling smiled and pinched her little nose. “Why do you want to help him?” ”

She looked at her head. “Isn’t there a word of” lifting a finger “? ”

It’s a bit of a truth to say, but he never likes to meddle with her affairs. Now, for her part, it’s a good example.

They were all half children, and when they saw someone coming, they ran away. Anyway, it’s almost the same. If you are escorted to the government, you will lose it.

Wei Ling reclined in the alley, watching the little girl slowly move over, holding a lot of food in her arms.

The young man was full of bruises and purple cheeks, his cheeks were swollen, his eyes closed and lifeless. It was a bit frightening. He was afraid that he would jump up and beat himself. But when Uncle Wei Ling was there, he relaxed his mind. “Hello! She poked her finger on the other side, and her voice was crisp. “Are you still alive?” Do you want to eat? ”

The young man still closed his eyes and did not answer. She took a meat dumpling from the oil paper bag and put it under his nose. He deliberately tempted: “the meat dumplings can be fragrant. Do you really not eat?” ”

In order to increase credibility, she bit a bite to make the meat buns more fragrant.

When he thought he was really dead, he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and beautiful. While he was in a hurry, he opened his mouth and bit the meat dumpling in her hand. It may be chewing chew to find it delicious, so the whole steamed bun was taken away, and it was eaten up by the wall of the alley.

With a smile of satisfaction, he put the whole oil paper bag in front of him. “All of these are given to you. You eat slowly, and you have the strength to beat them.” ”

To prevent her from continuing to talk nonsense, Wei Ling carried her collar up and turned away.

Yao Yao lies on the shoulder of Wei Ling, showing a smile in the lane. The little white teeth in front of the door are moist and moist.

The young man bowed down and gulp down the food left by her, and did not say a word from beginning to end.


There are many inn nearby, and Xiao Yao is too young to live alone.

It’s not unusual. Two people all came here on the way to Beijing.

After the death of the washroom, a man lay bored in bed, waiting to wait until he was right or waiting for Wei Ling.

“Uncle Wei Ling, how are you?” ”

She had been washing for a long time. She wanted to go in the daytime and spent more time in the bath in the evening. Who knew uncle Wei Ling was slower than her. Unable to wait, he walked to the screen behind his bare feet and looked into his head. “Are you ready?” ”

Wei Ling just came out and was about to wear his clothes. I never expected this little girl to be so impatient. He moved slowly and quickly and put on his robe. His face was rigid. “Go out.” ”

Yao Yao blinked, kindly reminded: Uncle Wei Ling, your clothes are not yet worn well. ”

Wei Ling thin lips into a thread, think about it, she is a child, do not understand anything, he is angry with her. So I put my breath away. “I changed my clothes and went out.” ”

She stood still in the place.

Wei Ling slightly raised his eyebrows. “Can you listen to your uncle? ”

Of course she listened. She thought for a while, and then she went back to the screen.

When Wei Lin loosed her breath and took off her robe to wear the middle sheet, she suddenly came up with her big eyes like the two curved moon. “I saw it all!” ”

Wei Ling was sluggish, and she was trying to reprimand. She shrank back in the next moment.

It’s really… Don’t teach people to save their heart.

Waiting for Wei Ling to change his clothes, she was lying on the bed to play a small tiger with a sewn, and the small mouth of the tender little mouth was a little bit of gas. Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Wei Ling being drinking tea. She sat up with a swish. “I want to drink too!” ”

Wei Ling came over and handed the cup to her. She was really thirsty, holding a teacup and drinking quietly. Long eyelashes hang on the eyelids, a circle of dark shadow, after drinking, she shrank into the quilt, specially for Wei Ling to vacate the seat, “Uncle Wei Ling sleep.” ”

It was quiet outside the corridor, and even downstairs were silent. Wei Ling was lying beside her. She looked down at her side and looked at her. “What’s the matter?” ”

After all, uncle Wei Ling is going to find her.

“I wanted to help Uncle Wei Ling, and I didn’t know you had been washed.” ”

Wei Ling deliberately lengthened his voice. “Oh, if you feel like thinking,” help me bathe? ”

She is so big, where do you know how to help him take a bath? The little arms and legs are not enough to build his back, not to do anything else. Wei Ling does not believe at all.

Yao Yao was holding his pillow back, “because today you helped me, so Yao Yao wanted to help you. A mother said it was called the courtesy. ”

Wei Ling impolitely smiled. “What does your mother know about reciprocity? ”

As far as he knows, Miao Miao did not practise in the three years in the East China Sea. Later, I didn’t learn to understand, but I could die backward. Her stupidity is not two days a day. She can never hope for anything.

The young cheek plucked her cheeks, believing that Wei Ling did not believe her words. “Of course, ah Ye teaches his mother every day to read and write characters,” she said. ”

Then he added, “but no one died. ”

Wei Ling stared at her for a while, recovering her arm after a while. “Later, it’s not urgent. ”

Oh, oh, oh, Xu was tired today, and soon he went to bed. Only when she fell asleep did she calm down and think about it. Wei Lin curved her lips and tucked her up for the quilt.

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