90 Days of Spring: 86 – Day 85

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第 86 第八十五日·番外·衛泠的小棉襖(完)Chapter 86 The Eighty Fifth Day – Extra

Yao has been a bit worried recently. Since her first visit to the Kuai Shui, uncle Wei Ling never slept with her again.

She specifically asked her mother, saying that this is something every girl’s family has to experience, proving that they are already a big girl and can marry and have children.

But she didn’t want to marry anyone. She just wanted to be with Uncle Wei Ling.

From small to large, she did not leave Wei Ling. In her subconscious, she would always be so. Does she have to get married? If you have to marry, can you marry uncle Wei Ling?

Yao thought that she would oppose it. I never thought she would nod nobly. “Of course. ”

Instead, aye darted a face and said nothing, “no way. ”

“Why?” “Miao Miao” always feels that he has a deep prejudice against Wei Ling. “Wei Ling will be very good for Yao Yao. ”

Yang Fu felt a headache and rubbed his eyebrows. “That’s not the problem. ”

“What’s the problem?” she asked. ”

Yang Fu looked at a little girl in front of her. His big daughter, with her mother, was the same as her mother. Not to mention the death of fourteen years old, Wei Ling… He doesn’t know how many years old!

The difference between the two ages is too great for Yang Fushi to accept, “Wei Ling is her uncle. ”

They had no blood relationship. ”

Yang Fu was not moving, “I don’t agree.” ”

In this way, the ayah aye argued for a long time without any result, and ended up with an angry mother. Of course, after all, aye did everything he could to coax him. From time to time, she returned to the capital from time to time. The more he grew up, the more she wanted to stay with her parents, she added three younger brothers and one sister to her.

This time, she begged Wei Ling’s uncle for a long time before he allowed him to stay in Beijing for a few days. Almost every day he went to see his younger brother, a younger sister, until he returned to the inn in the evening.

When they looked at the front door, they used to live in a room. When did they start to split up?

She turned and walked into the next room melancholy.

Not long before the door was knocked, Wei Ling told her to go down to dinner, and her heart was gone. “Where did you go today, uncle Wei Ling? ”

When she entered the palace, Wei Ling would not go with him, nor did he know where he went. Her relationship with Wei Ling was not as good as before, as if she was getting farther and farther. How did she stick to him before, but now he will avoid her and be closer to her than before.

Why is it like this? Yao can not understand. Is uncle Wei Ling dislike her?

Wei Ling walked down the stairs and casually replied, “look at Tai Qing Lake. ”

32 steps to catch up with him, and hold his hand, “why don’t you come with me?” I went to the palace today. Kang Kangsheng is so cute. Are you really not going to have a look? ”

The little girl blinked a pair of big eyes, with beautiful lips and beautiful corners.

The little girl who was innocent and ignorant became a big girl. He looked at her a little long and looked more and more beautiful. It seemed to be her own carved jade.

Wei Ling retracted his eyes and walked quietly ahead. “No,” ”

Leaving behind him, he looked at his back and displeased his flat mouth. Uncle Wei Ling did not change a bit. Not only did he grow old, but he was even the same temper as before. It was smelly and hard. I am afraid she is the only one who does not dislike him. How can he not know how to cherish it?

He sat on the square table opposite him, and after waiting for the men to cook the dishes, she did not eat them. She looked at Wei Ling with her heart, and said nothing.

Wei Ling naturally noticed her eyes and stopped to speak. “What’s the matter?” ”

Yao Yao sipped his lower lip and came straight to the point. “Uncle Wei Ling, do you still like my mother?” ”

The action of Wei Ling poured tea was stiff, and her eyes lifted up to her. There was something in her eyes. ”

Yao Niu bites lips lips to smile, “you have not acknowledged, but I know, you like my mother, once for the mother almost lost even life.” ”

When I was young, I was only obscurity about these two words. The grandfather in the East China Sea told her that uncle Wei loved his mother, and her power was new. As she grew older, those memories were gradually excavated and deeply rooted in her mind, so that everything could be associated with it.

For example, Wei Ling does not go to the palace, has he not put down his mother? Did he hurt himself so much?

The more you think about it, the more heart you can stop. She can’t tell you what it feels like. She just feels like her heart is stuffy and doesn’t want to hear such an answer. But she still can not help asking for the export, in the moment of exportation suddenly realized that she liked Wei Ling uncle, not as a child as a young admirer of admiration, but a woman’s love for men.

“You also said that was once.” ”

But if you are willing to give up, you will have to ask, “why don’t you go to the palace? Are you afraid to see your mother?” ”

Wei Ling looked at her and raised her lips and asked, “what do you ask these things to do? ”

“I… I…” ”

He got up and went upstairs. He didn’t eat much of the meal. “If it’s okay, we’ll leave the capital in a few days and go to Jiangxi. ”

Yao Yao, a low head, pulls the white rice in the bowl and secretly intertwined for his own discovery.

For so many years, she had always thought that she was treating her family with affection and admiration. She liked uncle Wei Ling and wanted to marry him, not a joke, but did he just say that he hadn’t laid down his mother yet?

Moreover, aye objected that even if Wei Ling liked her, they thought it would be very difficult together.

Yao had eaten a big gulp of rice and chewed her cheeks. She chewed the rice in her mouth and turned her worries into appetite.

At the entrance of the inn, he entered a tall man. He did not take a look at him and continued to eat the food before him. Until the man stopped in front of her, after a long time, she realized that something was wrong. The food in her mouth was not clear, so she looked up.

The man in a dark robe was cold and upright, handsome and handsome. He fixed his eyes on the face and did not speak.

As if he had come to dinner, he laughed and laughed. “There’s no one here, you can sit down. I’ll eat it in a moment.” ”

The man really sat down opposite to her, and Yao died more firmly in his mind. He hurried to finish the meal in the bowl and hurriedly cleaned his mouth and went upstairs.

When he did not expect to walk by him, he was saved by a handful of hands. His hands were strong and his hands were weak. “What do you do?” ”

When she saw her frown, the man quickly loosened. As she rose, “have you ever been to Yangzhou?” ”

In the past few years, she has been running over the entire territory, so she did not want to nod. ”

He asked again, “ten years ago?” ”

She could not remember such a long time ago. He tried to fool the past, but when he looked at him seriously, he finally did not feel good about leaving. She thought and thought, and finally remembered that she had been to Yangzhou ten years ago with Wei Ling, the first place they left the capital.

She bent her eyes and smiled, “how do you know?” ”

The man’s cold eyebrow was softer and slightly awkward. “Do you remember saving a boy in Yangzhou? ”

Yao Yao thought for a while, and his memory was broken and pieced together.

She did rescue a boy who had been beat up in the alley, but she forgot it in a flash. He was shocked and stunned by her eyes: “you?” ”

He nods and laughs. “It’s me, I’m Cheng Fei. ”


He said a few words with Cheng Fei downstairs, knowing that he was also by chance to go through the capital, and he did not expect to see him here. He also ordered a room at this inn.

Yao Yao was very happy, but when he stopped at the door of Wei Ling, he began to feel melancholy.

What kind of Uncle Wei Ling knows she likes him?

She knocked on the two doors. There was no response. Was it time to go to bed? It was too early for her to return to her room disappointed, and let the partners bring several barrels of hot water up, and plan to take a hot bath to eliminate fatigue all day.

Yao Yao took off his clothes and sat in the bathtub. He looked down at the two groups of grease under the water, and touched it lightly. The longer, the bigger and the more round and warped, the more she tried to shake hands, the more she could not control one hand.

But it hurts, and she said this to Wei Ling once, and Wei Ling’s face was green at the time. She was asked to enter the palace to ask her.

After she explained it to her, she knew what was going on.

But why can’t we ask Uncle Wei Ling, because he hasn’t? Men and women seem to be different, Wei Ling chest flat, a little undulating, but she is more and more drums, even his own look can not bear the face of shame red.

Thinking about it, Yao died up and slept in the bathtub. It seemed that he was really tired.

For a long time, there was a knock on the door. It stopped for a while and rang again. It didn’t wait for people to open the door. No one in the middle of the room, Wei Ling came to the back of the screen, and saw a small body asleep in the bath. The water in the bucket was cold, and it might be infected by the cold when it was bubbling down. He came up and lifted her out of the water and put it on the bed.

The little girl was wet and fat, like the petals of the flowers, which were tender and attractive.

Wei Ling picked up the towel and dried the water on her body, and was about to cover her with red tape. But she woke up in time.

“Uncle Wei Ling?” “The death of the young man reminds me of a soft sleep.

Wei Ling froze and quickly wrapped her up. “Have a good rest. ”

He was just trying to see if she had a rest. In the downstairs, his attitude was too cold to avoid her nonsense. He came to see that the little girl had fallen asleep.

Yao grabbed his arm. “Did you look at me just now? ”

Wei Ling turned back, and there was a little at a loss.

She did not wake up, full of the mind is today, suddenly remembered in the palace with the parents of the dialogue, “Niang said that the daughter’s family can not be seen in disorder, only after the marriage to the husband to see, Wei Ling uncle you see, how do you do? ”

Wei Ling Wu pupil a sink, for a long time to ask: “marriage?” ”

She rubbed her eyes and said, “I will marry soon after I have finished with her.” “She said,” after I married, I could not travel with Uncle Wei Ling. ”

Wei Ling decided to live for a long time.

She said she wanted to get married?

Yes, how did he forget that she could not be a little tail behind him all her life? She always wanted to get married and have children.

When she was a child, she often said that she had always been with Uncle Wei in his life, and even in his subconscious mind, it was his small cotton padded jacket, his life should be his, only to stay with him. But she always had the day when she was married. Who is that man to be married to a man?

Wei Ling looks at this beautiful little face, and holds her hand, and feels very upset.


The next day, after going downstairs, there was more than one person on the table, and this man Wei Ling had never seen him.

Yao Yao had no impression of what happened last night. He warmly introduced Cheng Fei’s origin with Wei Ling. Ten years ago, she was vividly painted in Yangzhou. Even yesterday’s accidental meeting became a big fate.

He stared at Cheng Fei for a long time, without a breath of air. “I really want to investigate and save you. It should be mine. ”

Cheng Fei’s face was expressionless. “Without those cakes, I’m afraid I’m starving to death.” ”

Yao Yao is a self acquaintance. He has been very familiar with him one night and proudly tilted his nose. “Uncle Wei Ling does not take credit for me. ”

Cheng Feiduan’s tea was slightly sluggish. “Is he your uncle? ”

Nod, “yes.” ”

At the time of exportation, Cheng Fei was relieved and easily relieved, since his uncle had nothing to threaten.

Wei Ling Cu eyebrow, light sound supplement: “not.” ”

Cheng Fei looked up, unexplained.

He chuckle, “I’m not her uncle.” ”

What is the mind of this man in front of him? How can he not see it? In fact, he is blind to his little cotton padded jacket.

Unlike Cheng Fei, he was really anxious. He thought he did not recognize himself. He broke up with himself and stood up quickly and asked, “why not?” So what are you for me? ”

Wei Ling was asked to start thinking seriously about the problem.

What did he always do to her? Isn’t it a little niece?

But they have no blood relationship.

In the past few days, he was estranged from himself, and the unrest of these days came, and he felt very aggrieved, silently looked at him and turned away. She didn’t even want to eat breakfast. She wanted to go out alone and turn around, so that she would not be bored here.

Cheng Fei looked at Wei Ling’s eyes and got up to catch up with her footsteps.


The two people went out for a long time, until the setting sun was slanting to hear the sound of upstairs.

The latticed door was wide open, and his room was on the staircase. After sitting round the table, Wei Lin watched the two men walking side by side. The mood of Yao Yao seemed to be very good. The eyebrows and eyes curved to match what was seen in the street. He laughed and looked at Cheng Fei beside him, laughing like a bell.

She had always been so active, not only in front of him, but also beside other men.

腦子裡忽然掠過她昨晚的話,她說她遲早都要嫁人的,然後就會離開他,跟別人生活在一起。Her mind suddenly flashed past her last night. She said she would marry sooner or later, then she would leave him and live with others.

That’s his little cotton padded jacket. How did he let this happen?

The figure of two people walking together is out of the way. Wei Ling seems to have thought of something. He smiled and smiled.

The room of Yaoyao was in the corridor, and she walked to the two floor, and then she saw her eyes. She looked at her eyes. Cheng Fei stood beside her and looked at it.

Wei Ling sat still, “where is it?” ”

I don’t tell you. ”

No matter why he opened the door deliberately, he turned to his room. Wei Ling got up and walked to the door. She held her wrist and picked her lips. “Why can’t I tell my uncle? ”

“You’re not my uncle!” ”

And obviously he said it himself. He denied it himself.

“That’s the same.” Wei Ling smiled, and with a force on her hand, she took her to the door. He opened his eyes and looked at Cheng Fei standing outside the door. He closed the door in front of him.

He left her death between the door and the body, his head down to her eyes and breath, but more of his love for the little girl. ”

What did it mean to stare at him inexplicably?

Wei Ling picked up her cheek and kissed the tender cherry lips on the face of her doubtful eyes.

The death of her death was stiff, and his eyes opened in surprise.

The spring of ninety days is finished

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