再生缘: 我的温柔暴君 Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant by 墨舞碧歌 Mo Wu Bi Ge


  • Nian Xuanji/Zhu Qi/Hang Zisu: FL Zhu Qi, transmigrated to Xi Liang via a mirror in a store owned by a “blue eyed guy” (who turns out to be Xue Liujing). She wakes up as the Nian Xuanji, the “favoured” consort of the emperor Long Fei Li. Zhu Qi is the reincarnation of Hang Zisu, the seventh child of the Celestial Emperor. She was Long Hao’s Empress but was not favoured by him (she believes). In that life she dies saving Long Hao and Mo Cong. When she dies, Long Hao realises he actually loves her and asks for a chance for her to be reborn. He makes a deal with the Buddha(?) to bring her back but in exchange Buddha brings everyone back and gives him a second chance to find and fulfill their fate.
  • Long Fei Li/Long Hao(Dragon King): ML, in both lives he starts out “loving” Mo Cong/Ruyi but eventually he realises (albeit too late in their first life) that he loves the FL. He has his own agenda and often keeps the FL in the dark because he believes that she can’t tell a lie (her emotions are too transparent), which in the end results in a lot of misunderstanding and heartache for the FL. Prior to him realising he loves the FL he does sleep with/acts intimate with other women – his Queen gets pregnant but she loses her baby before its born. After his realisation he is fully dedicated and loyal to the FL, but the FL does not know this and often catches him seemingly acting intimate with other women.
  • Wen Ruyi (Consort of Xuesong Palace)/ Xin Zhuizhui/Mo Cong: Second FL, you will hate her but at the same time when you think about her situation you will feel a bit sorry for her. As Mo Cong she was Long Hao’s favoured concubine before FL came along. As Ruyi she was the girl who grew up with LFL, helping him, being a spy for him and basically dedicated her whole life to him believing that one day when he finally has hold of all power he will marry her and make her his queen. This all fell apart when the FL came into the picture. As Zin Zhuizhui, after she transmigrated and she “remembered” her past she was not a likeable character at all and just needed to wake up from her delusions. She could have lived happily with Long Zijin who was also by her side for all those years LFL was. She was also pregnant but the baby is not LFL’s but instead LZJ. LZJ does not remember that he slept together with WRY (he was drunk) and also believes the baby is LFL’s.
  • Bai Zhanfeng/Bai Zixu/Lin Sheng/Xue Liujing: Second ML. As Xue Liujing, the King of the Snow Wolves, he was rescued by Zisu and loves her from then on. As Bai Zhanfeng, he was the general of the Xi Liang army. He met the FL, loves and admires her. At one point when she lost all her memories he was happily ready to marry her and take care of her forever but LFL showed up right before they got married. When he realise that LFL didn’t abandon her on purpose, he took a step back. He died in battle as a means to “kill” his alternate ego, Bai Zixu. But the FL does not know this and blamed his death on the ML (ML knows but of course he doesn’t tell the FL). As Lin Sheng, he was Zhu Qi’s modern day crush.
  • Long Ziuwen: Prince Yunyang, LFL’s 7th brother. He wanted the crown. He also “loves”/”lusts” after the FL. During the novel he remembers his past life as the God of War, a military commander under the Celestial Emperor. He loved Zisu in that life but she never knew. In this life he knows everyone’s past identities and schemes to win the crown and also FL. Because Ruyi tells him of the ML & FL’s travel plans it ends up with the FL getting raped by LZW. FL falls pregnant while the ML has a “gu” placed in him which if he gets too emotional will kill him. The FL can’t tell the ML that she was raped by his brother as she believes this would kill him. This leads to the opening chapters of the book, where she’s pregnant and is sentenced to death – and where the ML believes the baby is BZF’s.
  • Cui Ya/Jia Yuhuan: As Cui Ya, she was Xuan Ji’s loyal servant. She dies while they were imprisoned. In their past life she was also Zisu’s loyal servant. As Jia Yu Huan she was Zhu Qi’s loyal friend. She ends up travelling back with Zhu Qi in Xin Zhuizhui’s body. She liked the Wolf King in her past and present life.


Disclaimer: Not everything noted here are correct or in chronological order. This summary is typed from memory + listening to the audiobook with limited understanding on Mando =)

Brain dump start – will fix up later:

  • Segment 60-125
    • She finds out who ‘XinYi’ is. His ppl tells him she needs to die to protect Xinyi. Xuanji decides to kill herself. He saves her but couldn’t save her child.
    • They leave to find BZF
    • Gets mixed up with people from Xuan Yin Tai (?) – Murong siblings.
    • She sacrifices herself for: LZJ and Ru Yi – she jumps off a cliff for her and loses her memory
    • LFL jumps off after her to save her and they both live in a seaside village for a bit.
    • He makes and gives her the comb – she has no memories still.
    • She doesn’t really trust him and keeps on wanting to run away to find LinSheng. He gets upset, she gets upset. She comes upon the temple for Long Hao and Xisu but the statue is not Xisu but Mo Cang(?).
    • Murong siblings return, LFL gets severely injured, she drags him to town and knocks on every doctors door but gets rejected until the last.
    • He’s in a coma for days, she stays by him for days, eventually he wakes up and the others arrive. XinYi/RuYi hugs him and XuanJi see’s and is heartbroken and faints.
    • He buys a residence in town for them all to stay and recuperate.
    • Its XinYi’s bday so he organises a feast. Tells XuanJi to rest and wait for him.
    • XinYi reveals comb whom she thought LFL made for her bday to XuanJi. XuanJi is heartbroken again thinking he makes one for everyone and that it means nothing.
    • Murong Siblings attack again and she was alone with only QingFeng watching over, she sacrifices herself to save him and gets kidnapped.
    • LFL finds out the kidnapping and RuYi mistaking the comb was for her. He sends RuYi back to main city and then leaves to search for XuanJi.
    • XuanJi’s being held captive and transported to the town with closest ‘water-way’ – which also happens to be the town BZF’s family home is. She’s been tortured with poison and knife wounds that ruins her face.
    • BZF recognises her and rescues her. Realises she’s lost all her memories + lost her mind from the torture.
    • He brings her back to his home – his mother is good at medicine. She tells him they need to go to Xian Yin Tai to retrieve the antidote.
    • BZF thinks that her husband hasn’t been treating her right which lead her to how she is now. So he wanted to marry her and protect her himself from now on + will also be best if they travelled as a married couple.
    • She recovers her mind when she see’s herself in the mirror – still no memories but only vague recollection of Zui Zui, YuHuan and LinSheng – she calls BZF LinSheng.
    • She agrees to marry and when she was out purchasing stuff one day, LFL and his crew bumps into her but only LFL recognises – she has a face scarf on to cover her ruined face. She runs away but accidentally drops the Jade with BZF’s name on it.
    • BZF’s male cousin invites LFL and his crew to BZF’s wedding. They attend and during the bowing ceremony, BZF’s female cousin got a kid to pull off XuanJi’s head cover revealing her face to everyone including LFL.
    • LFL grabs her, Murong’s spy attacks, everyone leaves and the wedding is called off.
    • The Bai family finds out LFL’s status. BZF gives up marrying XuanJi and decided to protect her – agrees to go with them to main city.
    • They stage a play on the way to trick to Murong siblings out. They manage to get the poison off them.
    • BZF’s mum sends message telling them she can heal her scars by getting this medicine off LFL’s ShiShu. The Shi Shu was suppose to be the next head but instead lost the position to the current head – his junior so he started his own sect and are not on good terms with LFL’s sect.
    • News from RuYi’s side arrives saying that RuYi is sick and asks for LFL to go back.
    • LFL and LZJ decides to leave (XuanJi packed a bag for him telling him to go). LFL leaves thinking, it doesn’t matter how her face looks like – he loves her regardless. But to XuanJi its him choosing RuYi again.
    • The rest makes their way up to the ShiShu. BZF had to fight for the pills.
    • LFL and LZJ makes it back and finds out JiXiang tricked them and that RuYi is not sick. LFL gets annoyed and rushes back. Gets back in time to see BZF trying his best to get the pill for XuanJi.
    • BZF gets the pill and feeds it to XuanJi. They get attacked AGAIN by the murong siblings clan. They all get separated with BZF, XuanJi and 57 being surrounded. 57 sacrifices himself. BZF gets heavily injured. Little wolf appears transforming into blue eyes guy (?) and saves them.
    • BZF gets them to a cave and then faints. XuanJi helps go get all the arrows out of him. Realises that he’s having a fever and feeling cold so she takes off her outer wear (or everything?) hugs BZF and wraps them in her cloak to warm him up.
    • LFL and the others find them like that and LFL gets pissed.
    • She gets angry because instead of worrying about their state he instead lashes out and thinks that she’s done something with BFZ. She ‘proves’ to him that theres no way anything could have happened – BZF was out cold with injuries and she herself still has an arrow stuck in her because she was too scared to get it out herself.
    • LFL feels guilty and knows he’s wrong. Tries to give her back her comb(?) and tells her its only for her. She takes it and throws it away. Her heart has ‘died’ for him at this point. She faints?
    • They then start traveling back. She recovers her memories after seeing her phone. Zui Zui manages to call through.
    • YuHuan also gets through and sends her images of the empress coffins – contains two bodies. The recovered features reveals faces belonging to Zui Zui and ZhuQi. Her phone runs out of battery.
    • They head back with XuanJi hiding the fact that she’s sick (vomiting blood). Only YuZhi(?) knows but was told it was not serious.
    • They get back to the palace to find out the Empress is pregnant. XuanJi accidentally pushes her over while trying not to vomit blood over the Empress.
    • They find out XuanJi was poisoned and she has 3 days to live unless she receives the cure.
    • TBC
  • Segment 145-148
    • XuanJi’s being framed for using cursing dolls on the empress ‘causing’ the empress to lose her child.
    • Feng Shao Gong’s people all gets punishes. TaiHuangTaiHou demands for XuanJi to be executed – AnJing suggests her to be beaten to death.
    • CuiYa uses face swap technique to pose as XuanJi – XuanJi wakes up to find CuiYa dying for her and reveals to everyone she is actually XuanJi.
    • She gets beaten instead. LFL makes it back in time and saves her and Feng Shao Gong. Stating that TaiHuangTaiHou disregarded the emperors words. He orders for every servant involved to be imprisoned while the case is being investigated by his past teacher (Li something?)
  • Segment 180-183
    • Long Xiuwen x XuanJi’s incident
  • Segment 187-192
    • They find out she’s 2ish months pregnant. She gets ordered to stay in her palace. He takes another concubine (Lou) and “dotes” on her. She hears about BZF’s trouble with the war and wanted to ask LFL to deploy troops to help. Goes to the new concubine’s palace and find out that she looks like her. Concubine pushes DieFeng who lands on XuanJi and knocks her down. LFL removes concubine Lou from her position straight away and take XuanJi back to her palace and orders her to stay put. XuanJi becomes more anxious for BZF’s situation and decides to sneak out of the palace with her remaining money. LuSong(?) appears again and said because he failed his last mission he has to complete 5 “good” missions to return to XinYinTai. So he decided to leave the last 2 for her. He helps her escape and helps her get provision to BZF. Everyone finds out she’s escaped (she’s gone for 10+days). She meets BZF and basically he was saying his goodbyes. Asks her for a last hug. LFL walks in on them and assumes the worse. Drags her back to the palace and throws her into prison.
    • She’s not allowed any news of the outside. Months passes, and Ruyi/ZhuiZhui comes to visit and tells her she’s pregnant for a month with LFL’s baby. Tells her BZF’s dead and that everything (war) is ok now. Gives XuanJi the leg chains and says its a “gift” from LFL.
    • Doctress Cui appears and tells her 7th prince, YuHuan and the scholar(?) is begging LFL to redo her case and that she didn’t betray the country. Tells her if that fails they will help her escape the day after because the Emperor is having a celebration which can provide a distraction.
    • LFL’s eunach appears with 2 items for XuanJi: the Jade and clothes that he ordered to be made for her. Basically providing her with a way out.
    • Instead of escaping the next day she turns up in her chains and asks LFL one last question – did he sleep with RuYi. LFL says yes and she tells him the baby is BZF’s because she’s made up her mind to die.
    • He throws her into the other prison – the one at the beginning.
    • Wolf king shows her LFL’s POVs
      • LFL did not sleep with Concubine Lou, he watched made her sleep and watched over her calling her “XiaoQi” – same as what he did with WanYi.
      • Ruyi with the help of the eunach donned her face and went into LFL’s room – cut off there because Wolf King became really weak and told her to make a decision. Xin Yin Tai or Ru Yi. She chose Xin Yin Tai.
  • Segment 193(?)
    • Story returns to the modern world. Lin Sheng and Yu Huan appears.  Fighting happens, it’s revealed that LinSheng was the one who sent ZhuiZhui’s soul back into Ruyi.

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