肥婆皇后 Fei Po Huang Hou (Fat Empress) by 宋喜 Song Xi

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她明明记得自己是在看自身的优美裸照, 怎会置身在红纱罗幔中? 还有想睁开的眼睛怎么觉得有点肿肿的? 周围一句一句的娘娘,是什么意思? 还有就是,这个身体。。似乎。。有点。。? “什么?侍寝?”她夸张的大叫道,并不是皇帝让她去侍寝而夸张,实在是她这身材去侍寝的话会不会把那皇帝压死? 哦,原来是让她看戏啊,她一国之母,坐在龙床下面,观赏着皇帝和嫔妃滚龙床,既然他这么喜欢羞辱她,她只好搅得他不得安宁,看着床上纠缠在一起的两具身体,大声喊道:“一二三四,二二三四,换个姿势,再来一次!”


  • Xiao Qing Ya (萧清雅) – FL. In modern day she was a well known actress whose sister and boyfriend(/fiance) schemed together to bring her downfall. Her sister Xiao Qing Hong thought the FL’s mum killed her mum so she took revenge by seducing and convincing FL’s boyfriend to work with her.  Song Yu Qing (FL’s modern day ex) marries Xiao Qing Hong and then asks FL to be his mistress. He threatens FL with nude photos of her taken in secret – saying if she doesn’t agree he will release it out to the media. While looking at these photos on her computer, FL get’s a nose bleed and dies. When she was taken down to the underworld, the King of Hell realise the reapers took the wrong girl but because time passes differently in the underworld her body has already been cremated so instead he offered her a second option which was to go into the body of another girl with the same name – i.e. the ‘Fat Empress’. FL wakes up with no memory of her time in the underworld, however she does retain her modern day memories and knowledge. FL goes through a lot – she escapes the palace, runs and hides in the military camps, ends up advising for both her country and the opposing country (which resulted in 2mil soldiers dying), loses that part of her memory, goes and joins a Taoist temple, gets pregnant, becomes skinny, loses the baby, etc. etc. Along the way she meets a lot of good looking men with shallow personalities – everyone basically keeps calling her ugly because she’s fat. Also it doesn’t help the original body owner really likes good looking men so she used to write love letters to everyone she see’s. Coincidentally, FL meets all the men the previous body owner wrote letters to. In the end she ends up with 2 husbands and as of the end of the book she’s given birth to a son and daughter (one each) and is pregnant with her third.
  • Xue Ling (雪翎) – ML. A taoist. The only remaining descendant of the Xue family. His whole life was dedicated to training and reaching the top level of martial arts. His purpose was to kill all three countries royal family and leaders because he blames them for the massacre of his whole family and village. In the end, he voluntarily gives all his powers to FL to save her from death, thus giving up on his revenge. Throughout the book Xue Ling is described as a person without feelings, only during the non-stop pestering of FL would he show some form of expression/feeling. FL indirectly seduced the ML when she used a plant which when pricked, causes an aphrodisiac affect on Xue Ling. FL planned on getting him to sleep with prostitutes but it backfires when she was caught and Xue Ling basically rapes her. She get pregnant from this once and when Xue Ling finds out she was pregnant (4 months later), he kills their baby. FL leaves the mountain after this where she ends up meeting Zhou Qi again. Xue Ling ends up following her, trying to protect her left and right. He is not very good at expressing herself and the FL keeps misunderstanding him. She later gets pregnant again but again, Xue Ling kills their baby. When she was dying, Xue Ling transfers all his powers to her leaving him powerless. Zhou Qi took advantage of this and doesn’t tell FL. FL ends up agreeing to marry Zhou Qi to make him happy but on their wedding day she finds out Xue Ling was the one who saved her and also the reason why he keeps aborting their baby – it was because the martial arts he was practicing will directly affect the fetus, which in turn will kill the mother before she gives birth. So while he still had his powers and was practicing that type of martial arts, he doesn’t want her to get pregnant with their baby. The FL ends up going back up the mountain and marries Xue Ling. They then chose to live there and not care about the outside world until Xue Ling see’s Zhou Qi suffering, living like a beggar. He convinces FL to bring Zhou Qi back and to give him a chance. FL ends up sleeping with Zhou Qi and gets pregnant. However Zhou Qi suicides because he thinks FL would never love him. When Zhou Qi came back alive 5 years later, Xue Ling tells him that FL actually loves them both. Just because her views in the future has always been ‘one man one woman’ which made it hard for her to accept that she can be in love with more than once person at a time. FL eventually accepts that she loves them both and they end up living up the mountain altogether. FL and Xue Ling has one daughter together by the end of the book.
  • Zhou Qi (赵祁) – ML. He is the prime minster of the country. During the first part of the book he’s pretty ruthless. He was born with red hair and was treated as a “monster” especially by his family from birth (besides his mother). After his mother died, he was saved by his master and Xue Ling. Xue Ling let Zhou Qi learn a secret type of martial arts by his family and treats Zhou Qi well. Zhou Qi grew up thinking he was ‘in love’ with Xue Ling. Xue Ling rejects him. Out of spite, Zhou Qi goes and sleeps with a lot of prostitutes and basically lives a life of a rogue in hopes that Xue Ling will one day come and tell him to stop. After Zhou Qi was older, he took revenge for his mother (and himself) by killing his entire family. As like everyone else, Zhou Qi started off not liking the FL, but his feelings starts to change when she comments that she thinks his hair is actually very beautiful. During the later part of the book, when he meets the FL again, they end up falling down a cliff together which resulted in them spending a bit of time together. Zhou Qi didn’t want the time they had together to end, he realises then that he loves the FL but knows that she can’t go back with him because by this point, the FL has indirectly killed 2 mil of their soldiers. He drops her off at the bottom of the Taoist mountain where his master and Xue Ling lives and then leaves. When he hears about FL and Xue Ling sleeping together he was very shocked and hurt. Every time after that, the FL keeps thinking whatever Zhou Qi was doing was to separate her and Xue Ling because she thinks that Zhou Qi was still in love with Xue Ling.  Zhou Qi spends a lot of time trying to convince FL that he loves and wants her. During the period of time when FL was feeling down because of Xue Ling’s rejection, FL and Zhou Qi drank a lot of alcohol together. Zhou Qi ended up taking advantage of this and slept with FL. More drama happens in between, and basically by the end of the book, Zhou Qi was a sappy man in love. During his “death”, his master actually saved him and brought him to the 21st century to do a blood transfusion. When he was healed he went back to Xue Ling and FL’s time.
  • Song Yu Qing (宋玉擎) – FL’s modern day ex. After FL dies, FL’s sister and he finds out the truth behind Xiao Qing Hong’s mum’s death – had nothing to do with FL’s mum. Song Yu Qing abandons Xiao Qing Hong not knowing (or caring) that she’s already pregnant. In the Fanwei, Xiao Qing Hong ends up giving birth to a girl. She dies (stabbed) trying to save Song Yu Qing. Song Yu Qing promise to look after their daughter (not out of love) thinking that once she’s grown up he will pass everything to her and join the sisters in death.

Will add more other characters on later. There are many ‘good looking’ men who ends up liking/loving the FL. I felt like the author changes the story based on who’s more popular with the main audience. There are a couple which I thought the FL should have ended up with or accepted into her harem – I actually thought she was going to end up with a bigger RH … but in the end it was just the two =)

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