色遍天下 Colour All Over The World by 小鱼大心 Xiǎo yú dà xīn

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Book Introduction



  • Jia Jue Se (贾绝色) Other names:
    • Tan Yin (潭吟),Sen Yin (森吟),Liao Liao 了了,Lu Yan (绿焱),Feng Yin (凤吟),Xiao Xian (小闲)- Female lead.
    • Modern girl, died by eating an “expired” cake that contained an earring and had the words “Yin Return” on it. Woke up as a 5 years old girl named Tan Yin in Feng Country. Spent a little time with her Tan family.
  • Tan Jing Liu (潭净流), FL calls him Die Die/Daddy (爹爹) 
    • Described by the FL as “Ice/Snow Lotus Face”/Ice-y temperament.
    • Colour: Light Green
    • Calls FL: Yin
    • An assassin’s group leader
    • When the FL was 5 years old (he was 15/16), he saved the 5yo FL and Kou Xiao Ren. He then adopted her and brought her to his den in the mountain where she spent 10 years chasing after him. He tells her to call him 爹爹 and tries to become a father to her while believing she was his sister. Their father left a letter to him telling him to take care of the FL. Throughout the 10 years the FL didn’t know they were related and tried all means to get together with him but he always kept their distance because of their sibling relations. When the FL was 15 she found the letter their father wrote thus finding out that they were blood related plus the fact that he was “in love” with someone else previously that was accidentally killed by their father, so she got angry and left the mountain. After the FL left he and Chao went looking for the FL. Later on when he finally accepted their relationship and slept together, he found out the FL was not his sister at all because of the Phoenix tattoo on her back, symbolising that she was the next empress, born of the previous empress.
  • Kou Xiao Ran (寇筱然)/Xiao Feng Yiran (筱枫依然), FL calls him Ge Ge/Brother (哥哥). 
    • Possessive personality, described as “Black Belly”
    • Colour: Pink/Cherry Blossom
    • Calls FL: DiDi (younger brother)
    • First met FL when she was 5 years old. He was the leader in a children’s begger group. He accepted the FL into their group after fighting over a bun. He later realised the FL was a girl (she was dressed as a boy at this point), and he promised to protect her. He makes her call him Ge Ge/brother. When the FL was being attacked he took a hit for her. Before she left with JingLiu she gave him all the money/assets she had on her and told him to live a good life. They made a promise to meet in 10 years in which he will gain a lot of wealth to create a “gold mountain” for her. 10 years later when they meet again he was a well known for his wealth and businesses. Later on during the battle at the frozen river, he was attacked, fell into the water and was “rescued” by his guards. His memories was erased and he was brought back to Lin Country in which he resumed his original identity as the 9th Prince. When the FL met him once again, even without his memories, he was very attracted and attached to the FL. In the end he gave up the fight for the throne to be with the FL once again. He eventually recovers his memory and joins the group once again.
    • Gu Ruo Xun (古若熏), FL calls him Ruo Xun Bao Bei/ Ruo Xun Baby (若熏宝贝)
      • Angelic face, big eyes. Feng Country’s 4 elder’s son. Also a world renown thief
      • Colour: Yellow
      • Calls FL: Yin Yin
      • First met FL when they were 5 years old. His Gu family was visiting her Tan family. Was always bullied by the FL. After the FL bit him in the butt, she proclaimed that he was now hers and no one else is allowed to touch him. He was faithful to that declaration. When the Tan family was massacred he didn’t believe the FL was dead so he spent the next 10 years becoming a famous thief, stealing treasures in hopes of one day finding the FL and giving her all his treasures. When they met again after 10 years when FL first ran away from the mountain they finally slept together. After they first slept together, the Phoenix tattoo on FL’s back appeared – he was the first one to find out she was the next empress, but she kept it a secret from her and everyone else. He was FL’s first man. At the same time his family was power hungry and wanted to send him into the palace as a consort to the Empress. During a separation, the FL by chance saw him with the Empress, she gave him a chance to choose her but he remained silent to protect FL (because he knows she’s the real empress and didn’t want the current empress to be aware of the FL). Later on he decided he couldn’t be without the FL so he gave up his family to follow the FL.
    • Qi Zun (启尊), FL calls him Chao (朝)
      • Bronze skin, not very expressive. Doesn’t talk
      • Colour: Black
      • Calls FL: (?) doesn’t really talk so no known nickname
      • First met FL when she was 6 years old. He was being sold in the slave market. The FL managed to make the owner PAY her 100 gold to take him away. Throughout the next 9-10 years he became her constant silent companion, watching/looking after her during her pursuit of JingLiu. FL once asked him would he finally speak when she’s just about to die – he does. During her imprisonment/torture her spirit came out of her body. She finally heard him tell her he loves her. Later on during the Empress’s chase, he follows and shields the FL when the FL jumps off the cliff. He watches her transform from her old self into the now silver haired, green eye self. They finally sleep together then. He also slowly starts using some words with the FL but because they’ve been together for so long, they already know each other very well and can communicate without words. During the FL’s revenge, it was revealed that he was the real son of the real Martial Arts Chief. After the fake Martial Arts Chief’s defeat, he refuses the position and only wants to be by the FL’s side.
    • Qu Hong Yi (曲红依), FL calls him Huo Shan Bao Long/Volcano T-Rex (火山暴龙)
      • Fiery personality, good cook, always fights with the FL. Older brother to Lu Yi
      • Colour: Red
      • Calls FL: Jia Jue Se
    • Qu Lu Yi (曲绿意), FL calls him Lu Yi/Xiao Lu Yi (绿意)
      • Shy, innocent, straightforward, always wants to “make” a “little Lu Yi” with the FL, younger brother of Hong Yi
      • Colour: Green
      • Calls Fl: Jue Se
    • Qin Hua Ji (秦花姬), FL calls him Hua Zhi Zhu/Flower Spider (花蜘蛛)
      • enchantingly beautiful, erotic
      • Colour: flowers/colourful
      • Calls FL: owner
    • Sang Miao 桑渺
      • delicate and elegant, spoilt personaility
      • Colour: Purple
      • Calls FL: Liao Liao
    • Xue Bai 雪白
      • Beautiful, gentle and affectionate, considerate
      • Colour: White
      • Calls FL: Yin Er
    • Gong Ren (宫任), FL calls him Ren (人)
      • Wolf King, blue/sapphire eyes
      • Colour: Blue
      • Calls FL: Xiao Xian(?)

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